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Adventures in Argentina: Iguazú Falls

by AIFS Abroad
Adventures in Argentina: Iguazú Falls | AIFS Study Abroad | Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Many cultural activities and travel excursions are included in AIFS Study Abroad programs. In addition, you’ll find great options available to supplement your experience in meaningful, sometimes life-changing, ways.

Take, for example, the optional excursion to Iguazú Falls when you study abroad in Argentina. For your enjoyment, here is a reflection about last semester’s group’s tour to this magnificent natural wonder in South America.

Your first time seeing the Iguazú Falls is going to be a special one. There’s no way around it; these falls are among the planet’s most magnificent, providing breathtaking scenery.

Being able to visit Iguazú Falls in the company of your study abroad mates just adds a unique flavor to the whole experience. For many reasons, we believe that this trip is the pinnacle of the study abroad in Argentina program.

Our Spring 2017 group enjoyed this three-day adventure to the fullest. They were accompanied by Ivanna, our outings guide, and Megan, an AIFS alum who now lives in Argentina.

Megan was of great help, and the group was really happy to include someone who had been through the same experience. They were also surprised by Megan’s fluent Spanish and her radiant, eternal smile.

They stayed at Los Helechos hotel, in a fun, youthful environment, and visited La Triple Frontera, the border where Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay meet.

The group cruised the Iguazú Falls by train, foot and on a boat. They got wet while riding on the boat, crossing the Iguazú river through the mist of the falling water.

Cultural excursions enrich the study abroad experience, and the group certainly made the most out of it. The bonds between the students seemed to have grown stronger on this trip.

Please enjoy these photos from the excursion to get a better understanding of the magnificent spectacle of Iguazú Falls.

This post was contributed by AIFS in Buenos Aires Resident Director Bárbara Franconi.

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Adventures in Argentina: Iguazú Falls | AIFS Study Abroad | Buenos Aires, Argentina

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