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Introducing… Tzu-Han Hsu – London Spring Semester 2018 Student Blogger

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Tzu-Han Hsu, a Communication Major and Music Minor in her Sophomore year at California State University Long Beach, is studying this Spring Semester in London on an customized faculty-led study abroad programme. During her time in London, Tzu-Han is a Student Blogger and Student Representative for the California State University joint cohort from Fullerton and Long Beach.

From Taiwan to California

Tzu-Han, originally from Taiwan, moved to California at the age of 12 with her family. ‘My family moved because my mother thought the education system in Taiwan would circumscribe her children’s creativity that she emphasised and encouraged.’

Capturing moments

Tsu-Han loves capturing moments with her Nikon D3200, drawing, editing videos making music with lyrics typically written in Chinese. She also loves travelling.


For Tzu-Han, travelling and study abroad is all about self-discovery. ‘ I believe that travelling is an attitude, not simply being in another physical places. Traveling is about self-discovering and about travelling to a different part of oneself. Seeing old buildings and standing in front of mysterious rocks that bring you awe makes you wonder about things and realize how small you are.’

Crossing paths

Over her Semester in London, Tzu-Han hopes ‘to travel, to learn, and to cross paths’ with others who are in the same boat as her!

Keep an eye out for the first instalment of Tzu-Han’s posts about studying abroad in London throughout the semester.

Tzu-Han Hsu is a Student Representative and Student Blogger who is studying abroad this Spring on an AIFS Customized Faculty-Led program in London, England through California State University, Long Beach.

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