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An Open Letter to People Who Have Never Considered Studying Abroad

by AIFS Customized Faculty-Led
An Open Letter to People Who Have Never Considered Studying Abroad | AIFS Study Abroad | AIFS Customized Faculty-Led Programs in London

When I started my fourth year of college, I had no intentions of studying abroad. My mind was occupied with finding an internship and a job just like everyone else. I went to numerous job fairs, career events, and networking sessions in which I spoke with recent graduates and professionals in various fields. During each meeting, I asked about the transition from student to professional and what I should do to prepare. Many people told me they wished they had studied abroad because now that they were working full-time, it would prove difficult to live in another country for an extended period of time. I took that advice and a few months later, I am now studying abroad in London.

After a couple of weeks in London, what I am most surprised by is how much I have now learned about myself.

Due to being in a new environment, a majority of the habits and routines that I had back home are not as obvious anymore. It is kind of similar to when I started my first year at university and moved into a new dorm.

In a way, there are many similarities between studying abroad and starting your first year of university. I am away from home, building new relationships and going to a different school. After my first year of college, I always wanted to go back and do it over again because it was incredibly fun and I grew so much. I learned to be more independent; to adapt to different situations and to become more aware of what’s going on outside of where I am from. This is what I think studying abroad is about — the personal growth.

Having fun in a new city and seeing sights you have never seen is something everyone is already aware of regarding studying abroad. It is similar to how everyone talks about how much fun they had during their first year of college. Conversely, when looking back, many individuals are surprised by the extent to which they have grown since that first year as well. In summary, if you have a desire to be anew, excited and nervous once again, I recommend you study abroad.

As I look forward to the next 10 weeks of my time in London,
Sangwook Ha

Sangwook Ha is an Economics major at California State University, Fullerton who is studying abroad on an AIFS Customized Faculty-Led program in London, England. 

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