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What to Do and See With One Day in Stellenbosch

by Anna Stember
AIFS Abroad student in the mountains of Stellenbosch, South Africa

Congratulations! It is of my humble opinion that you are exploring one of the most beautiful places on Earth — Stellenbosch, South Africa.

Before you leave, here are some ideas for where to spend your time:

For the food lovers:

  • Craft: Head to Craft for pizza, salads, and burgers. Don’t forget to get a beer or wine to go along with your meal, as they are known for their local wines and microbrews. They have an outdoor seating area that is great for people watching and checking out the nearby shops as you enjoy your meal!
  • Man’oushe: Try something a little different! Man’oushe is a Lebanese Restaurant just down the street from Stellenbosch University. If you have an appetite, order the Jean’s Heart man’oushe; it is similar to a calzone, filled with spinach, bacon, chicken, and a Lebanese white sauce. Plus, you will have enough food left over to last you the next few days!

For the coffee drinkers:

  • Häzz: For a wide range of coffees, large tables for groups, and a great outdoor seating area, Häzz is the spot to go!

For the outdoorsmen and women:

  • Hike Stellenbosch Mountain: This hike is stunning! It can be anywhere from between 5-10 miles, depending on how far up the trail you want to go. It starts right by Coetzenburg Stadium and sends you up into the clouds. Prepare yourself for sprawling views of the valley floor, the ocean, and of local wineries!
  • Mountain Biking: The trails in Stellenbosch are popular for mountain biking. If you are not one to hop on a bike yourself, you can watch the talented folks zoom down the trails at the UCI World Cup in March 2018.
  • Surfing: Try Muizenberg, Long Beach, or Scarborough Beach to catch a few waves! Be wary of sharks though; South Africa is known for being a popular filming spot for Discovery Channel’s Shark Week.

Stellenbosch has so much to offer, and I feel lucky to be in such a beautiful place for the semester! Happy traveling.

This post was contributed by Anna Stember, who is spending her spring semester studying abroad with AIFS in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

What to Eat, Drink, and Do With One Day in Stellenbosch, South Africa | AIFS Study Abroad

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