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What to Expect: A Post-Abroad Laundry List of Feelings

by Steven Vargas
The Emotional Rollercoaster of Returning from a Study Abroad Experience | AIFS Study Abroad | AIFS in London at Shakespeare's Globe

Last Updated on June 21, 2019 by Steven Vargas

AIFS Student Blogger, Steven Vargas, talks about his own emotional process after returning from studying in London at Shakespeare’s Globe.


  • Wow, I am really back?
  • Why are people driving on the other side of the street? Oh wait, that’s how it’s supposed to be.
    • I almost got ran over because I looked the wrong way when crossing the street.
  • I stepped back into my dingy apartment to my dead succulent. My roommate forgot to water it. I ended up crying because of something so small. In reality, I was just sad I was back home and wanted to go back.
    • A tear.
  • I saw my water bottle I bought in the airport.
    • I cried.
  • A friend I made in London texted me asking how my day went and if I was back home.
    • I sobbed.
  • When I went to take a shower, I dug out a pound and few pence from my pocket.
    • I lost it.


  • I resorted to my friend’s place to rant about my roommate for messing up the apartment. Reality is, it was the roommate before him that did it. At the moment, I enjoyed blaming it on him.
  • I got on my computer and started finding other opportunities to go back to London.
  • I, then, furiously planned when I’d go back to the floral bodega to get another succulent, hoping the owner would not get mad at me when she finds out I killed the other one. I only met her once, but I felt we really connected.


  • I messaged all of the friends I made in London about what I was going through. They understood.
  • I talk obnoxiously about my time in London.
  • It is always on my mind and I ease it into almost every conversation.
    • I’m incredibly obnoxious.


  • Every time my friend from London texts me, I wither a little.
    • I cried a little bit more.
  • I grabbed a journal I bought in the UK and saw the symbol for the British pound on the back.
    • I got even more sad.
  • I walked into a Starbucks expecting to find a toasty.
    • I got a little furious, but also broke down a little bit.
  • My boss brought in a container with an 18 count of croissants. They were a sad replacement for the ones you can find at every bakery in London.
    • I wanted to throw them at the wall.
  • Looked at my bank account and realized how expensive not working for a month got.
    • Plotted a way to pay for first month’s rent in my new apartment in August.


  • I told myself I will make it back to London.
  • I don’t know when.
  • I will have to work just as hard to make it back.
  • I am working hard to make it back, because my story in London does not end here.

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