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Meet the Fall ’18 AIFS Student Vloggers!

by AIFS Abroad
Meet the Fall '18 AIFS Study Abroad Student Vloggers! | Vlogging | Student Travel | Education Abroad

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Jori — AIFS in Rome, Italy

Southern Illinois University

I’m Jori, an art history, English, and classics major from Southern Illinois University with a passion for telling stories. After spending a summer in Pompeii digging up ancient artifacts as an archeology intern, I knew I wanted to return to Italy to study the art and culture I love. One fun fact is about me is my favorite gelato flavor is stracciatella- a cookies and cream type of flavor I’ll definitely be enjoying a lot during my semester in Rome.



Andrew — Florence, Italy

Dean College

I’m Andrew Hughes coming from Dean College in Franklin, Massachusetts. I will be studying in Florence, Italy. The reason I chose Italy was because I have relatives from Italy and I have become very involved in my Italian heritage. One fun fact about me is I’ve seen Al Pacino in person at Foxwoods!



Meghan — AIFS in Barcelona, Spain

University of Arkansas

¡Hola! My name is Meghan Wanttaja and I am currently a student at the University of Arkansas. I am studying International Relations and Global Studies with a minor in marketing. In the fall of 2018 I will be studying abroad in the lovely city of Barcelona. I chose this city due to it’s beautiful architecture, exciting way of life, amazing location, and most importantly, the Spanish culture. Traveling is something that “makes you better, kinder, smarter… a game changer” once said by a role model of mine. Fun fact: I am obsessed with fruit.



Kaitlyn — AIFS in Granada, Spain

California Lutheran University

Kaitlyn is kicking off her junior year studying abroad in Granada, Spain. As much as she will miss California Lutheran University (especially since it is 20 minutes from the beach), she is excited to vlog her time in Spain, London, Morocco and anywhere else she travels. She chose Spain to work towards her goal of becoming a bilingual teacher, along with experiencing the rich cultural history and stunning architecture. A fun fact about Kaitlyn is this will be her first time out of the country. 



Victoria — AIFS in London, England

Hofstra University

My name is Victoria Murphy! I am a junior at Hofstra University on Long Island, New York and for the fall semester of 2018 I will be studying abroad at Richmond the American International University in London, England. A fun fact about me is that my dream job is to write for a comedy television show.



Laura — AIFS in Barcelona, Spain

University of California, Irvine

Hi everyone! My name is Laura Viarengo and I am a business administration major at University of California, Irvine! I am from San Jose, California and I chose to go abroad to Barcelona this semester because I have always wanted to explore Spain and learn more about its culture! I have loved photography and video production since I was very young so I am super excited to get to Barcelona and start documenting all of my new adventures!



James — AIFS in San José, Costa Rica

University of Louisville



Colleen — AIFS in Prague, Czech Republic

Grand Valley State University


Hello everyone! My name is Colleen Randolph, at my home university, Grand Valley State University in Michigan, I am majoring in film and video production; one of my favorite extracurricular activities is fencing with the Grand Valley Fencing Club. This semester I am excited to be studying abroad in Prague! In addition to vlogging for AIFS I have my own YouTube channel on which I make and critique my own short films. One of my career aspirations is to write the scripts for movies!

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Meet the Fall '18 AIFS Study Abroad Student Vloggers! | Vlogging | Student Travel | Education Abroad

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