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Coming Soon in 2019: Introducing New AIFS Study Abroad Locations, Programs and Internships!

New AIFS Study Abroad Locations, Programs and Internships in 2019-2020 | AIFS Study Abroad, Intern Abroad, Volunteer Abroad | Semester, Academic Year, Summer, J-Term, Maymester Programs

Planning to study abroad in 2019 or 2020?

We are excited to announce our array of NEW and improved study abroad, intern abroad, and volunteer abroad programs!

Here’s a first look at what’s coming in 2019:

1. Seville, Spain – NEW Location!

We are so excited to announce our newest location for abroad students… Seville, Spain!

Study in this lively, former Moorish capital with AIFS. From intimate flamenco venues and crowded tapas bars to orange-tree scented squares, Seville is a dazzling and exciting city to study in and explore.

2. Western European Cinema Study and Travel Program

Film enthusiasts: Spend your summer studying cinema and throughout the U.K., France and Italy with our new Western European Cinema Study and Travel Program! This program is 3 weeks long and is worth 3 semester credits.   

3. Academic and Service Learning Programs in Buenos Aires
4. Exercise Science Internship in Perth

Murdoch University in Perth is now offering an awesome Exercise Science internship! This internship combines relevant coursework with 120 hours of exercise science field work.

5. Internships and Academic Programs in London
6. International Internship in Prague
7. Internships in Granada
8. Business and Marketing in Budapest
9. Service Learning in Rome
10. Summer Programs in Barcelona

Get started on your study abroad journey. View the full list of all AIFS Study Abroad programs on our website today!

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