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Roaming through Rome’s Neighborhoods: Prati Edition

by Michelle Laker
Roaming through Rome's Neighborhoods: Prati Edition | AIFS Study Abroad | AIFS in Rome, Italy

Last Updated on August 27, 2021 by Michelle Laker

Ciao! Over the course of this semester, I will be contributing several posts about my time in Italy and spotlighting different neighborhoods of Rome, where I’m studying abroad. Because food is such a huge part of the culture here, I’ll even review a local pizza place!

Up first is the neighborhood of Prati.

I decided to do a homestay while studying abroad in Rome in order to learn the language and truly be immersed in the culture. My apartment is located in the exclusive neighborhood of Prati (and our first pizza place is just down the street)! One of the great things about the area is everything is within walking distance. My friends and I have discovered a favorite pasta place called La Francescana, an incredible gelato and pastry shop called Cremilla, and Tommi’s for when we need a good, old-fashioned American burger fix. Of course, there is more to do in Prati than just eating good food.

Ever heard of the Pope? Well, he’s our neighbor! The Vatican is just a 10-minute walk from our building and we pass it every day on our way to school. Our university in Rome gave us the opportunity to attend a Papal Audience during our second week here. Although I was disappointed to not receive a kiss on the cheek from the Pope, we did get a few waves and our school was even announced in the introduction!

Shopping is another one of our favorite pastimes in Prati. There are so many unique stores, along with some of our go-to’s from the United States. Along with the bigger name brand stores, Prati is filled with local markets and street vendors. Tables are full of key chains and sunglasses, while racks are stocked with “one-size fits all” dresses and pants. The first couple of weeks we were here, these vendors intrigued us and were able to grasp our attention. As we have become more comfortable walking around and have acclimated to life here a bit, we now know to avoid eye contact and ignore the nagging salesmen as we walk past.

Now, what you’ve been waiting for: the PIZZA! Our first pizza stop is called Pizzeria Teresina La Tradizione in Prati. It came recommended to us by our host sister who instructed me to order the radish and Gorgonzola pizza… unique combination, I know. Varying in prices, the one we ordered was €9.50 Euros. They ranged from about €8-12 otherwise.

I was able to practice my Italian while ordering and was pleasantly surprised when they gave us some chips to munch on while we waited. A unique thing about this spot too is that they deliver — this isn’t common in Italian culture. From our experience, it is difficult to find a restaurant that delivers or even does take out. Upon receiving the pizza and tripping out the door, my taste buds started watering. The cheese was so gooey and the crust was cooked perfectly. On a scale from 1-10, I gave this pizza a 6.47, as you’ll notice in the video below. Though that may seem like a low score, you have to remember this was the first pizza I have had! I have extremely high expectations for the pizza in Rome and would not want to set the bar too high or low for the soon-to-be-tried places. Besides, radishes… on a pizza? It’s not for everyone!


This post was contributed by Michelle Laker, who is spending her fall semester studying abroad with AIFS in Rome, Italy

Roaming through Rome's Neighborhoods: Prati Edition | AIFS Study Abroad | AIFS in Rome, Italy

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