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Hikes, Highlands and Hairy Coos: Exploring Scotland with AIFS London

Last Updated on March 3, 2020 by AIFS Abroad Customized Faculty-Led

Students from the University of St Thomas had the chance to travel to Scotland with their AIFS Customized Faculty-Led program. Check out student blogger Cajsa’s travel video above! Read Cajsa’s recap of her experience:

Scotland was an absolute dream. With breathtaking views and lively tradition, I can already say the Scotland trip will be my favorite of all, hands-down. The weekend exceeded the large reputation surrounding AIFS’s Scotland trip. My video will give you a glimpse into what the hype is all about. Some of the major locations visited over the weekend include: The Wallace Monument, Glen Coe, Loch Ness, the Isle of Skye, Lealt Falls, and the Culloden Battlefield. I hadn’t heard of half of these locations before visiting Scotland. However three days and multiple hours on a bus-ride later, they are now some of my favorite spots in the world. I have created memories of a lifetime traveling with amazing people through a country that is so untouched by man. If you get the chance to do it yourself, don’t hold back!


Cajsa Weber is a Marketing Management student from the University of St Thomas, Minnesota studying abroad in London, England through an AIFS Customized Faculty-Led program. This is Cajsa’s fourth time in London but her first time experiencing the city as a Londoner! Keep checking back for future blogs posts here.

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