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Student Perspective: How Studying Abroad Will Change Your Worldview

by AIFS Abroad
How Studying Abroad Will Change Your Worldview | AIFS Study Abroad

International education experiences like studying abroad are undoubtedly a phenomenal way to immerse yourself in a new culture, change your personal perspective, and expand your worldview.

We asked our followers on Instagram to share their thoughts. Here’s what they had to say about how studying abroad will change your worldview:

Lexi, AIFS in London, England, Spring 2018

“The world is different to me now, but that’s what makes it beautiful. It’s open and wide and full of opportunity. I wouldn’t have been able to see that if I didn’t take the jump and study abroad last spring. If I had the change to do it again, I absolutely would. Best five months of my life.”

Ethan, AIFS in San José, Costa Rica, Spring 2018

“Costa Rica taught me a lot about the Latin American world and how the US can do better in things like sustainability and protecting the natural habitats of biodiverse regions. The warmth and love of the Ticos is something I hope to carry and spread through my own culture.”

Taylor, AIFS in Budapest, Hungary, Fall 2018

“Going abroad has truly affected every aspect of my life and allowed me to truly increase my cultural intelligence on a totally different level. Without this wonderful experience, I wouldn’t understand the importance of surrounding yourself with different perspectives, the essence of adapting, and how to be effective and efficient when each group member is from a different country in the world. This experience has been the absolute best 4 months in my undergraduate career and it will have everlasting effects!”

Emma, AIFS in London, England, Fall 2018

“Studying abroad has awakened me to the vastness of the world. There is creative inspiration down every street and around every corner.”

Rachel, AIFS in Salzburg, Austria, Spring 2018

“Being abroad taught me to embrace the unknown rather than fear it! By navigating a new city with all new people, I learned more about myself and the world around me!”

Alina, AIFS in Budapest, Hungary, Fall 2018

“Studying abroad has taught me how to appreciate the little things that make a culture unique. Either dress, food, traditions, or even ideas. I never thought that this opportunity would change the way I perceive the world, or even how I present myself. This opportunity is once in a lifetime and the people I have met abroad have taught me so much about diversity, since we have come from all over the world.”

Taylor, AIFS in Barcelona, Spain, Spring 2018

“Studying abroad taught me that the world is SO much bigger than you. It changes the way you see the world and opens your eyes to everything it has to offer. It may have only been 4 months, but I will carry that inspiration with me forever!”

Katie, AIFS in Budapest, Hungary, Fall 2018

“Studying abroad helped me learn that the best way to broaden your worldview and get to know a culture better is to strike up a conversation with a local and not be afraid to ask questions!”

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