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4 Coffee Shops in Ireland that Java Lovers Can’t Miss

by Moriah Gregory
4 Coffee Shops in Ireland that Java Lovers Can't Miss | AIFS Study Abroad | AIFS in Limerick, Ireland

Last Updated on September 27, 2019 by Moriah Gregory

As an avid coffee drinker, I made a goal to go to as many coffee shops in Ireland as I could while studying abroad.

I love black coffee and love trying different coffee roasts, especially when the coffee is roasted in the shop. Unfortunately, I found out very quickly that plain black coffee doesn’t exist in Ireland. The closest thing is an Americano, which is still very different from your good ole drip coffee.

I decided to expand my coffee pallet to other specialty coffees such as lattes, mochas, and Americanos. I had fun trying different flavors and milk combinations (I’m lactose intolerant so I always order with almond, soy, or coconut milk). I’m not a fan of larger, chain coffee shops, so I made the effort to find the hidden gems of coffee shops in Ireland.

Although I’ve gone to many coffee shops around Ireland, these four stood out to me the most:

1. Fabiani — Longford, County Longford

In the heart of the town of Longford lies Fabiani, which doubles as a clothing boutique as well as a coffee shop. I stupidly asked for a regular coffee at this place, forgetting that drip coffee is probably less common than leprechauns in Ireland. When I received a blank stare from the girl behind the counter, I quickly changed my order to an Americano.  I loved the fall decorations and the bright lighting in this place.

2. The Grind Coffee House — Howth, County Dublin

After a 14 km (for fellow Americans, a little less than 9 miles) hike, I found this little place tucked away on a small street in the beautiful seaside town of Howth. I got a gingerbread latte — my favorite flavor — made with almond milk. It was a nice tasty treat after a long hike. This place is also known for their pancakes. I did not try one but the ones I saw looked absolutely delectable.

3. The Ugly Mug — Tralee, County Kerry

This place by far had the best decorations and lighting for Instagram-worthy pictures. Here I ordered a café mocha made with almond milk. I loved the extra cocoa they sprinkled on top. This was the perfect cozy drink for a cold and rainy day.

4. The Stormy Teacup — Limerick, County Limerick

Even though I’ve been living in Limerick this past semester, I am not playing favorites with this place. I recently was finally able to go here after wanting to go all semester. There is such a cozy vibe to this coffee shop. It is filled with old books and antique decorations, which I absolutely loved. The coffee was also fantastic. I ordered a hazelnut latte made with almond milk. They made the almond milk seem much creamier than any other latte I’ve had made with it. I even thought that they must’ve forgotten to use almond milk, but my stomach didn’t hurt at all so I knew it wasn’t real.

I had lots of fun exploring the different towns where these coffee shops are located and I enjoyed being able to support small local businesses. If you ever find yourself in any of these towns, I encourage you to grab a coffee and/or bite to eat at these great coffee shops in Ireland.

This post was contributed by Moriah Gregory, who is spending her fall semester studying abroad with AIFS in Limerick, Ireland. 

4 Coffee Shops in Ireland that Java Lovers Can't Miss | AIFS Study Abroad | AIFS in Limerick, Ireland

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