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VLOG: From London to Cambridge, Poppies and Punting!

There is so much history and culture to discover in London and beyond in Cambridge.

In London, I visited the Imperial War Museum for a screening of They Shall Not Grow Old, for example. I was honored to see it in the company of individuals whose loved ones could have been involved in the war first hand. The film showed not only the conditions during WWI but how the War forever changed everyone involved. With the 100th anniversary of WWI ending, the museum was adorned with red poppies to commemorate those who fought.

On Friday, AIFS hosted a trip to historical Cambridge. This English city is known for the prestigious University of Cambridge which dates back to 1209! We also saw King’s College which has a beautiful towering Gothic chapel, home to one of the biggest vaulted ceilings ever created.

One of my favorite parts of Cambridge was punting on the River Cam. Learning to punt wasn’t easy by any means but it was definitely a fun experience. If you ever get to visit Cambridge I definitely recommend giving it a go!

(Filmed Oct 28-Nov 3)

Punting in Cambridge
Punting in Cambridge

Clara Wiebe is a Theatre Tech student from Citrus College, California studying abroad in London for Fall 2018. Clara will be documenting her time abroad via video blog. While in London she is excited to discover the rich history of London in an education environment. Keep checking back for more of Clara’s videos here.

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