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Meet the Spring ’19 AIFS Student Vloggers!

by AIFS Abroad
Meet the Spring '19 AIFS Student Vloggers! | AIFS Study Abroad

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Kylie — AIFS in Athens, Greece

Washington State University

Hi! My name is Kylie Lensegrav, and I attend Washington State University. After spending a couple years going to a school in a small college town, I chose to go to Greece to gain a whole new college experience and to immerse myself into a culture that I am unfamiliar with. One fun fact about me is that I went to New Zealand as an exchange student in 8th grade! 

Chinweotito — AIFS in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Lincoln University of Pennsylvania

My name is Chinwe Ihejirika and I’m a sophomore at the Lincoln University of Pennsylvania. I’ll be living it up in Buenos Aires, Argentina for the Spring of 2019 to challenge myself, work on my Spanish and experience the ins and outs of the culture. I’m especially excited to visit the cataracts of Puerto Iguazu and master the rioplatense accent. A fun fact about me is that my hula hooping skills are untouchable.

Jesyah — AIFS in San José, Costa Rica

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

My name is Jesyah White. I attend the University of Tennessee Chattanooga. I chose to study abroad in Costa Rica because of the amazing weather and the vibrant Tico culture. As a freshman, I am eager to jump into the world and experience what it all has to offer. Through studying abroad, I hope to gain many new perspectives. I believe it is important to have cross cultural experiences throughout one’s life. 

Jillian — AIFS in Maynooth, Ireland

Appalachian State University

My name is Jillian Wolstromer and I go to Appalachian State University. I am an elementary education major. I am stoked for Maynooth, Ireland. A fun fact about me is that I have five dogs and five siblings! 

Caroline — AIFS in Viña del Mar, Chile

Ball State University

Caroline Meister is a junior studying Film and Media Studies and Spanish at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. Caroline will be spending her 2019 spring semester in Viña del Mar, Chile. Caroline chose to call Viña del Mar home because of its central location in Chile, allowing her to experience a variety of different cultures and climates without even leaving the country. In her free time, Caroline marches in the Pride of Mid America Marching band, where she also is the photographer.

Parker — AIFS in Florence, Italy

Emmanuel College

Hi, my name is Parker West. I am a junior at Emmanuel College and I am from Boston, MA. I chose to study abroad in Florence as my grandparents are from Prato, and I wanted to learn more about their history whilst experiencing Italian culture. This is my first time studying abroad and I am very excited to explore Florence and the rest of Europe, go skiing in the Alps, and make the most of the next four months abroad. A fun fact about me is that I can do 11 back handsprings in a row!

Jordana — AIFS in Hyderabad, India

Rhodes College

My name is Jordana Terrell and I will be vlogging for AIFS this year from Hyderabad, India! I am originally from Florida, but I am currently enrolled at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee where I double major in English and Theatre. I am the oldest of three siblings and I really love cats, yoga, and Taco Bell. I chose to come to Hyderabad because the Theatre culture throughout India is unlike anything we have in the United States. The way Theatre and Religion intersect here is extremely interesting to me and I am very excited to dive in and learn more throughout this semester.

Alexandra — AIFS in Rome, Italy

Appalachian State University

My name is Alex LaRocca and I am a sophomore at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina. I chose to study abroad for a variety of different reasons including family influences, my adventurous nature and for the simple fact that this is such a unique experience! I am so excited to study in Rome, Italy because it is the best of everything! I am in a big city with a long history and natural beauty that I cannot wait to explore. For me, the average vacation is not a long enough time period to experience an area. A fun fact about me is that I have been shark cage diving TWICE!

Amy — AIFS in Salzburg, Austria

Cleveland State University

My name is Amy Vorisek. I am from Cleveland, Ohio and attend Cleveland State University. I chose to study in Salzburg, Austria through AIFS because of the organization and ease AIFS provides its students during the entire process. A fun fact about me is that my favorite quote is from a poem by George Gordon Byron that I feel describes me well, “There is pleasure in the pathless woods, there is rapture in the lonely shore, there is society where none intrudes, by the deep sea, and music in its roar; I love not Man the less, but Nature more.”

Amelia — AIFS in Rome, Italy

University of Vermont

Hi! My name is Amelia, and I attend the University of Vermont in snowy Burlington, where I spend a decent amount of time trying different kinds of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream (my favorite is The Tonight Dough). I chose Rome, Italy to study in because after taking a semester of Italian, I wanted to know the country that spoke such a beautiful language!  

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Meet the Spring '19 AIFS Student Vloggers! | AIFS Study Abroad

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