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What’s the Best Way to Learn More About Studying Abroad? Ask Alumni!

What’s the Best Way to Learn More About Studying Abroad? Ask Alumni! | AIFS Study Abroad

Making the decision to study abroad can spark a lot of questions — What will my host city be like? How are the classes structured? Where can I find the best museum?

In order to give our students the opportunity to get a true feel for what it’s like to study abroad, we created the “Ask Alumni” program, which is available in your AIFS Student Portal. This initiative connects current or prospective AIFS students with an alum from their program location of interest.

Admissions Officers and Resident Directors can tell you a lot of things about a study abroad program, but alumni are the ones who really know where to get a good pain au chocolat near campus in Cannes, or the best café to get some reading done in Prague, or what to pack for the rainy season in Costa Rica. They experienced it firsthand!

AIFS Alumni: You were able see a side of your city that nobody else can; telling future students about it can make a world of difference to them and can be a great opportunity for you to share your experience with an interested audience. Want to learn more about how you can represent your program? Click here to get involved or email with any questions.

If you’re considering a study abroad experience and want to chat with an AIFS alum, log into your AIFS account and click “Ask Alumni.”

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