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VLOG: Teresa’s second week vlog and her One-Minute-Read

by AIFS Abroad Customized Faculty-Led

This week’s vlog dates from the 2nd of February to the 8th of February.

During this week I explored Leicester Square with Chinatown. I went to my first LEGO and M&M store and also visited TWG Tea. They have over 800 kinds of tea- you heard me, 800! My absolute favourite was the Geisha Blossom Tea.

Next stop was Portobello Road Market. It had an abundance of, antiques, souvenirs, food, accessories, clothing, books, and much more! You can get off at Ladbroke Grove, wonder through the full market, and at the end you can take the train from Notting Hill Gate.

With my class, we went to the Natural History Museum on Tuesday and The Photographers’ Gallery on Thursday. I enjoyed learning about history from another society so the history museum had intriguing, new information about animals, culture, and even museum preservation and the process behind the creation of some of the work. For the photography gallery, my hobby and passion during high school was photography; although it was not professional, I crafted every single one of my photos and composed them to my aesthetic preference.

I ended the week with a Tube tour accompanied by a handful of students from the program. Starting from Baker Street Station and going around the city to learn about other significant stations was eye opening since I did not know there was that much history behind London’s Underground system, most of which is, fun fact, not actually underground!

Teresa Nguyen is a Communications student from California Sate University, Long Beach studying abroad in London for Spring 2019. Teresa will be documenting her time abroad via video blog. While in London she is excited to learn more about the world and the global community. Keep checking back for more of Teresa’s videos here.

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