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A Student’s Guide to Prague

by AIFS Abroad Customized Faculty-Led
AIFS Abroad student in Prague, Czech Republic

This is my guide to explore Prague. A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of visiting Prague. First off let me just say….GO VISIT PRAGUE! Prague is my favorite place I have visited thus far and continue to be blown away by the beauty and uniqueness of this city. I am going to share with you my favorite things that I did, and some tips and tricks on how to do this city right!

Places to Go

Old Town Square

A wonderful starting place for your trip is in Old Town Square. There is so much to see and do here that you could spend a whole day in this city center. There is also the astrological clock here which does a little show on the hour. Definitely allow for some time to explore this area!

Prague Castle

One of my favorite parts of this city was the Prague Castle. It was a bit of a hike to get up there, but once we were there it was 100% worth it. The castle grounds were amazingly beautiful, and then at the end there is a giant area to see panoramic views of Prague. O. M. G. This was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Standing there with my 2 friends could not have been any better….absolutely stunning! These photos do not even do it justice.

Charles Bridge 

After you see these breath-taking views, it is time to head to the Charles Bridge and John Lennon Wall. It is not far of a walk from here at all. On your way, there is a cute area right by the water where you have a perfect view of the bridge and a great spot for some cute pics.

Gingerbread Bakery

Then as you head to the John Lennon wall you will stumble upon this Gingerbread Bakery. I am still shook by this. It looks like it is straight out of a Hallmark Original Movie. In the back of the shop, they are literally cooking and decorating the cookies, so the whole street smells of gingerbread. They even had free samples when I was there to try the remarkable cookies. Trust me, you want to make this quick stop.

John Lennon Wall

Now you are only a few minutes away from the famous wall. What is so cool about this wall is that people can draw and paint on it, so it is so colorful and unique. When I was there, there was an artist designing a ballerina. So, if you want, bring some supplies with you and be creative. You should at least bring a sharpie and sign your name on the wall.

Some Tips and Tricks

Tip number 1.

Firstly, be ready to walk. This is true in most European cities, but for Prague it is possible to walk everywhere and not use public transportation during your time there at all. In 2 days, I walked over 45,000 steps.

Tip number 2.

Now if walking is not your thing…I mean me too but…..then take advantage of the public transportation. We did use it from time to time and had no issues at all. They have trams, busses and metros that will get you to most places in the city. We got a 24 hour pass each day which ended up being under 4 Pounds. Also, at least as of the present, there is no City Mappers for Prague which was not ideal since we got so used to using it in London, but we made due with google maps.

Tip number 3.

The Czech Republic has their own money, so most places do not accept Pounds or Euros (though we did find a few places that did). If you see something that is 500czk (Czech Koruna), don’t worry. That is only about 17 Pounds at the time of writing this. No matter where you travel in Europe, always check the current conversion rates and what money is used in that location.

Tip number 4.

I am sure this is not the case with every restaurant in Prague, but where we went for dinner our first night was a very unusual experience. First off, we didn’t really understand the menu, so asked the server to bring what he recommended. He brought me a plate with 3 huge sausages…and that’s it. Not ideal for me because I don’t eat that much meat. Then, he just kept bringing out food and drinks to our table even after we specifically told him we were done, and he would just say “Welcome to Prague!” Don’t get me wrong my friends and I had a wonderful time but ended up paying for food and drink that we didn’t really want. But looking back I am glad that I experienced some authentic Czech food and drink.

Tip number 5.

Now, a traditional Czech dessert is called Trdelník. When we first arrived in Prague, we saw one or two of these shops and decided we would go back there and get one later on in our trip. We had no idea that they are literally on every corner! These things are amazing, but make sure to get them from a shop that is heating them up right in front of you. The one my friend and I got was really good, but not warm.

Tip number 6.

Overall, just have fun! Definitely do your research and plan a bit, but also allow time to just go with the flow. Prague is filled with beauty and mystery, so just start walking around and I guarantee you will find something amazing within a few minutes!

Christopher Lynch is a Theatre student from Temple University studying abroad in London for Spring 2019. He will be sharing his hints and tips for studying abroad in London and traveling Europe.  Christopher is excited to share his experiences and to keep creating life long memories whilst studying abroad with AIFS. Keep checking back for more of Christopher’s blogs here.

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