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ONE-MINUTE READ: New Country, New Me

So, I cut my hair. I honestly couldn’t tell but I think it was a foot of hair, which is about 30 centimetres. But with my intention of coming to London to grow as a person and find myself, I knew that I needed a change. Like my colleague in the program said, “…a transformative state of mind…” (Katie Garcia, 2019).

To be honest, one of the reasons I cut my hair was because I had been using too much conditioner and I knew in the long run, it would be costly. It was barely a month, and I went through the entire bottle. And another reason was because, it gets windy here and I really do not have time to deal with my hair… On a real note, it is easier to redefine yourself when you literally redefine your appearance. From the second the stylist snipped the last of my lengthy hair, I knew that I could be someone different, possibly better.

It is definitely a mentality thing. My neck is a little cold, but I love it. It has that feel to it. That new feeling- sort of like a new outfit, or a new pair of glasses. But for me, it had to be dramatic with chopping off my hair. I feel ready to take on the world,  London, but most importantly my life. Hopefully, you can step out of your comfort zone too but… mind the gap! (Just a little London joke for you.)

Teresa Nguyen is a Communications student from California Sate University, Long Beach studying abroad in London for Spring 2019. Teresa will be documenting her time abroad via video blog. While in London she is excited to learn more about the world and the global community. Keep checking back for more of Teresa’s videos here.

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