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5 Reasons to Visit Interlaken, Switzerland in the Winter

by Caroline Morganelli
AIFS student in Interlaken, Switzerland during winter

Interlaken is sandwiched between two beautiful lakes and is truly breathtaking. The city is not only a skier’s paradise, but also an adventurer’s. With a range of winter activities, you’re bound to find at least one activity that will catch your eye.

Here are five reasons you should start planning your visit to Interlaken, Switzerland during the winter season:

1. The Adventure

Interlaken is a thrill-seeker’s paradise. The Swiss city is full of adventures, no matter your thrill-level. Enjoy a range of activities from skydiving, paragliding, kayaking, and bungee jumping, etc. If you are not into extreme adrenaline adventures, you can still have fun here! There are bike tours, night sledding, canoeing, and hiking, too.

My advice is to leave all of your fears behind and take a risk here. When I visited in early February, I had the opportunity to go paragliding and it was truly an amazing experience!

2. The Chocolate

Yes, I know you can get chocolate year round, but after a long day in the cold there’s nothing like a nice, warm hot chocolate. Swiss chocolates are among the best in the world and there’s quite a variety. They are all really tasty, but it’s even better when you visit and try one of the local chocolatier’s. You must sample all these sweets while in Switzerland, and there are so many great types and establishments throughout Interlaken. Pro-tip: you can even go on a chocolate tour!

Hot Chocolate in Interlaken, Switzerland

3. The Views

Words cannot describe how beautiful Interlaken’s landscape is in winter. Everywhere you go, it feels surreal. I had to constantly remind myself that, yes, those snow frosted mountains are real. From the the small Swiss homes to the mountainous views to the clear turquoise water, every view looks like it’s straight out of a fairytale.

The Alps, Interlaken, Switzerland

4. The Swiss Alps

Switzerland is famous for its Alps and snowy mountains. The Swiss Alps are a must-see on your trip! It’s impossible to Google “world’s greatest ski mountains” or “world’s greatest hikes” without coming across a mention of Interlaken. The Alps are full of endless possibilities and cater to numerous activities that will be of interest to all ages and capabilities. Visitors come in the winter primarily to ski, but also have the option to hike, snowshoe or sled through the mountain range. It is important to in indulge in everything that the world’s extreme sports capital offers in the winter season.

The Alps, Interlaken, Switzerland

5. Grindelwald

Less than 30 minutes away is the small ski town of Grindelwald. Grindelwald is a village in Switzerland’s Bernese Alps. It’s a popular gateway to the Jungfrau Region of Switzerland, which boasts perfect skiing conditions in winter. Whether you decide to ski or just explore, be sure to take the cable car up to the top to see First. First is a minor summit above Grindelwald that showcases an aerial cableway — a metallic walkway of sorts — attached to the side of the mountain. It projects 45 meters over a sheer drop. The views of the rocky slopes, peaks, pastures, distant lakes and a waterfall are truly breathtaking. There are a variety of ski slopes, a zip line, first flyer and a restaurant also located at the summit on Schwarzhorn.

This post was contributed by Caroline Morganelli, a student from the University of Rhode Island who is spending her spring semester studying abroad with AIFS in Florence, Italy.

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