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Finding Nature While Studying Abroad in London

I know this will probably come as a big surprise to you all, but there is no nature in London, I know—crazy. Coming from the best mountain town in the world (I may be a little biased, but we’ll look past that, I promise it’s the best) I have ample access to nature, mountains, waterfalls, trees, animals and clean air.

All of my life I thought that I wanted to escape this, to send off in to the big city and experience the glamorous life of access to actual restaurants, plays, clubs and high rises, but let me tell you: I could not have been more wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I love the city, especially London, and all of the super cool experiences I have access to. However, there’s nothing like getting up in the morning and going for a hike or a walk around the lake or even seeing a forest from your window as you drive to class.

Luckily, there’s Scotland. Just 4 hours north by train and my craving for the outdoors was satisfied. I chose to go on the optional AIFS weekend trip to Scotland and I couldn’t have been happier. Here I saw incredible waterfalls, rocks (which don’t sound exciting, but trust me, they were) mountains, lakes and just the overpowering beauty of nature.

Kyler Arriola is an international Studies student from University of Wyoming studying abroad in London for Spring 2019. Kyler will be documenting his time abroad via blogs. While in London he is excited to explore the world of musical theatre and operas and orchestras. Keep checking back for more of Kyler’s blogs here.

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