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10 Reasons Why There’s No Place Like Rome

by AIFS Abroad
Colosseum, Rome, Italy

One of the most globally influential cities, the Eternal City is like none other. When you visit or study abroad in Rome, you’ll have thousands of years of history right at your doorstep. Aside from that, the city intertwines ancient history with modern attractions and activities, giving visitors the perfect balance of rich history and modern-day excitement!

Here are 10 of the many reasons why Rome is a city like none other:

1. The Fact that It Surrounds the Smallest Country in the World

Did you know that Vatican City, tucked right into a corner of Rome, is the smallest country in the world? Located right off the River Tiber, Vatican City has a population of just 1,000 – but hosts over 5 million annual visitors.

2. The Colosseum…

It’s no surprise that the Colosseum was elected one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Truly one of a kind, the Colosseum was constructed in 70 A.D. Today, it maintains the title of largest amphitheater ever built and is not only one of the most famous structures in Rome, but one of the most famous and recognizable structures in the world.

3. … And MANY Other Roman Ruins

As if the Colosseum wasn’t impressive enough, plenty of other Roman ruins are scattered throughout the city. The Pantheon and the Arches of Titus, Constantine, and Septimus Severus are a few of the many awe-inspiring ruins that stand right in the middle of this bustling, modern city.

4. The Spectacular Fountains

Since the invention of Roman Aqueducts, Rome has showcased a magnificent array of fountains. Rome’s Trevi Fountain, situated at the end of an aqueduct constructed in 19 BC, is one of the most famous fountains in the world.

5. The Food

Rome offers an array of both traditional and modern specialties that will leave your mouth watering. Popular specialties include carbonara, carciofo alla Romana, and (of course) gelato… to name a few.

6. Michelangelo’s Masterpieces

Michelangelo is synonymous with art history. Many of his world-renowned masterpieces are showcased in various locations in Rome and Vatican City, including the Pietà and the Sistine Chapel ceiling.

7. Its Close Proximity to Other Unmatched Cities

Not only is Rome unparalleled, it’s also in an awesome location to serve as a “home base” city for visiting other incredible Italian locations. Florence, Sorrento, Pompeii, and more are all easy to get to from Rome.

8. Its “Just Right” Size

Rome is just small enough to walk to tons of different attractions in one day. On the other hand, it’s large enough to find tons of cozy cafes or quiet parks that provide an escape from the city’s hustle and bustle.

9. The Mild Climate

Rome enjoys a fairly mild climate year-round! Uniquely enough, there’s not really a “bad” time to visit Rome, because the weather remains – on average – pleasant for most of the year.

10. The Feeling That Ancient History is Still Alive Here

Perhaps the biggest reason why Rome is a city like none other is because ancient history is still fully alive here. Next to modern businesses you’ll see thousand-year-old ruins, still intact. The cobblestone streets tell a story of days gone by that will keep you curious throughout your stay.

Rome makes you feel like you’re walking along the pages of a history book, and in turn makes you feel like you’re a seam of the historic fabric this city continues to weave.

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