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Eager to Intern Abroad? We’ve Got BIG News!

by AIFS Abroad
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Global Experiences joins AIFS to Expand International Internship Opportunities for College Students

This just in! AIFS is proud and excited to announce that we have just added Global Experiences to our family of programs. A leader in the international internship field, Global Experiences has been providing college and university students with career-enhancing international internship programs in Australia, Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the United States since 2001.

In addition to one-on-one career readiness coaching, Global Experiences matches college students with customized internships abroad in their chosen fields, such as art, communications, business, fashion, engineering, hospitality, and film.

“We are thrilled that Global Experiences has joined the AIFS family,” said William L. Gertz, Chairman & CEO of AIFS. “This union will open up more opportunities for college students to enhance their career opportunities by getting real world experience at a wide variety of companies and organizations.”

Emily Merson, Global Experiences Co-Founder & CEO, said, “For over 18 years we have changed the lives of thousands of students through our highly customized international internship and study abroad programs. We are excited to be able to expand access and opportunity for more students in the future through our new role within the family of AIFS organizations.”

So, what does this mean for you, exactly? With AIFS Study Abroad programs that include an internship component and additional internship-only/non-study abroad program options through Global Experiences, you’ll now have an even larger selection of exciting opportunities to change the way you see your world.

Join us in welcoming Global Experiences to the AIFS and AIFS Study Abroad family!

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