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First Impressions of London

by Sophia Triche
AIFS Study Abroad Fashion Marketing and Merchandising student, Sophia, in London, England

Cheers! This morning I stepped off the plane and into a brand new city: London, England.

Traveling from the airport was an exciting, and at times terrifying, ride in a bumpy van that wound its way through the city and down the uneven roads. Being surrounded by English-speaking people has made me feel more at ease, and sometimes I forget that I am in a different country. That being said, I am quickly reminded when I see drivers on the righthand side of the car, or red double-decker buses whizzing past.

So far, the thing I love most about London is the quiet hustle of the people, an energy that is felt throughout the city. The young rushing to and from their jobs, the elderly on a walk to retrieve groceries or a bouquet of flowers for their table — these people all have something to do or a place to be. I notice a difference between those people and the people I’ve encountered in the United States: their chipper attitude. While everyone is busy and has a schedule to stick to, it doesn’t necessarily feel that way if you simply walk around London. It takes a bit of observation to see the quiet, creeping rush of the crowd as they scurry around corners and into doorways.

While I have only been here one day, I have fallen madly in love with London. The grand city is beautiful, but not overly anxious to show off. The architecture is classic, subtle, and intricately woven into the fabric of the skyline. Simple steps up to a front stoop are filled with detail and simplistic beauty, and the further you look, the more little surprises you find. There are several lower level alleyways between apartment buildings that are home to gardens bursting with flora, from blooming flowers to bright green ferns.

London, you have been wonderful so far. Cheers!

AIFS Study Abroad Fashion Marketing and Merchandising student, Sophia, in London, England

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