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International Internships in Rome: Students Share Reflections

by AIFS Abroad
Building in Rome, Italy

AIFS international Study + Internship programs in Rome are a great opportunity to gain intercultural aptitude and practical work experience — attributes highly sought after by today’s employers.

The demand for people with global skills in in the workplace continues to rise, and study abroad programs that incorporate an internship component are a fantastic way to enrich your education with international competencies.

AIFS Abroad Study + Internship programs in Rome are available for college sophomores, juniors and seniors. No previous Italian language study is required.

Check out what these Spring semester students said about their internships in Rome:

I had the opportunity to discuss many exciting things coming up on the horizon for me at my internship. My workplace supervisor and I sat down and had a very informative talk. She explained to me the current situation of things at our company, what’s going on today with Italy as a country in general, and the present state of the market I’m working in.”

Morgan Mantilla, Communications intern with a smart properties agency in Rome

The atmosphere is much different than I imagined it would be; I love the atmosphere of the center. What is wonderful is the kindheartedness and optimism of all the volunteers who work there. Everyone is always happy to help one another out, or even just talk about what your plans for the weekend are, what life is like where you’re from, etc. Everyone there is incredibly kind and passionate about the work they do, and it really creates a safe and peaceful environment for both the guests and staff.”

Haley Claffy, International Relations Intern at a politic refugee center in Rome

The Work Supervisor gave me some research on the accounting differences between US and Europe, the major similarities and differences between the US GAAP and the EU IFRS. I have learned so much over the past couple weeks! I really feel that the work I do in the office has made a huge impact not just on me but on the company as a whole!”

Evan Nussbaum, International Business intern at a strategic consulting and corporate finance company

I was given the amazing opportunity to not only visit the Italian Supreme Court of Cassation but to also sit in a live hearing! The excitement and experience was amazing and quite overwhelming in the most positive way.”

Christian Mendez Martinez, Political Science & International Business intern at an Italian law firm with international branch offices

I have learned to interact and understand things in a workplace that is very different from one I am use to. There is nothing about the layout of my workplace I would change: there is an excellent dynamic between my supervisor and myself. I am happy to help her when she needs me, and I do not bother her when she is busy. I think this works best for us and allows us to get all our work done.”

– Hannah Wood, Art & Media intern in the Marketing and Communication department of one of the world’s oldest music institutions

Apply online today or contact an AIFS representative to learn more at aifsabroad@aifs.com or 800-727-2437. Looking for an internship-only option without taking classes? View them here.

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