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Meet the Fall ’19 AIFS Study Abroad Student Vloggers!

by AIFS Abroad

AIFS Study Abroad students are chock-full of creativity and definitely have a passion for sharing their journey with other students! Case in point: our Student Vloggers! Each term we get some really talented students to come on board and showcase their overseas experiences through the art of videography. Their study abroad videos are so fun and informative!

This fall semester is no exception. Each Vlogger will once again create study abroad videos during their journey and will share them with us to be featured on the AIFS YouTube channel! Each vlog will showcase their real-life experiences as they embark on their international education and travel adventures around the world. Lights, camera, action!

Alexis — AIFS Study Abroad in London, England

Wright State University

My name is Alexis Voisard, and I’m an English Major at Wright State University in Dayton. Ohio. I chose to study abroad in London because there are so many literary greats to study and it’s close to the rest of Europe! Fun Fact: I sang a solo in front of +1,000 people before!

Beth — AIFS Study Abroad in Stellenbosch, South Africa

Bethel University

My name is Beth Teka, I am from Bethel University. I chose South Africa because of the unique culture that is South Africa. There is so much that i have learned about the history and more that is so interesting. A fun fact about me is that this is my 2nd time in Africa but first in South Africa.

Riley — AIFS Study Abroad in Barcelona, Spain

Texas A&M University

Heyooo, I’m Riley Farrell & I attend Texas A&M University! I’m a Communication major, double minoring in Spanish and Journalism, therefore Barcelona was the perfect place for finishing my language minor while I study abroad. A fun fact about me is that I lived in five places (including Singapore) before I was five years old – so I’m jazzed to continue my life of travel with AIFS! 

Madeleine — AIFS Study Abroad in Prague, Czech Republic

University of Dayton

Hello, my name is Madeleine Byrnes. I am a junior at the University Dayton. I picked Prague because it was somewhere that I knew little about the history and wanted to learn. I have been to Europe three times (once to Italy, Spain, and Ireland) and knew most of the culture from prior knowledge Spanish classes but wanted to experience something completely new while I could. I did some research on the place to see some absolutely stunning pictures of the city and immediately fell in love. One fun fact about me is that I have 40 first cousins!

Mimi — AIFS Study Abroad in Paris, France

University of Texas at Arlington

I’m currently studying at the University of Texas at Arlington. My major is Interdisciplinary Studies with tracks in Dance, Theatre, and French. I chose to study abroad in Paris to get inspired by the rich artistic culture the city is known for. Especially thrilled to visit all the fabulous museums and historical theatres! A fun fact about me is my life motto, “Be gold.” Unlike other metals, gold keeps shining bright despite contact with dirt, air, or chemicals. Be like gold, always stay true to yourself and sparkle!

Gabrielle — AIFS Study Abroad in Barcelona, Spain

Ball State University

Hello! My name is Gabrielle Gresham. I am a junior from Ball State University. I chose Barcelona not only for it’s amazing location but because I fell in love with the culture since I was young. I want to expand my fluency in Spanish and learn the Catalonian dialect. I have a passion for exploring and photography which makes Barcelona all the more perfect for me.

Brittany — AIFS Study Abroad in London, England

Illinois State University

Hello! My name is Brittany Morey. I’m a student at Illinois State University. I picked my location for studying abroad because I’ve always wanted to travel to London and England in general. I also love British Television and some of my favorite shows come from the U.K.

Maddie — AIFS Study Abroad in Athens, Greece

Drake University

My name is Maddie Willey and I will be a junior at Drake University studying Graphic Design and Magazine Media.. I am spending fall 2019 in Athens Greece. I have a few reasons pointing me towards Greece. Things like Greek Mythology, Art, Architecture, and of course Mamma Mia. I am excited to see the beauty of Greece and all of the islands, also all of the stray cats. I can’t wait to be immersed in the culture and try so many new foods. My fun fact: I learned how to sail a Schooner ship in the Bahamas for a week.

Want to check out each of these students’ study abroad vlog? Head to the official AIFS Study Abroad YouTube channel and our Facebook page!

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