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Why I’m Glad I Studied Abroad

by Claire DeVoe
College student at the airport | AIFS Study Abroad

Last Updated on June 9, 2023 by Claire DeVoe

6 weeks, 4 countries, 12 cities and numerous planes, trains, and automobiles later… I’m back home from across the pond! This experience sparked the wanderlust in me, let me tell you! It was a fantastic opportunity to study fashion marketing abroad and to meet amazing people from all over the United States, Europe and the United Kingdom. I will cherish those friendships and memories forever.

If you’re still considering studying abroad, I would wholeheartedly say YES!

During my time abroad, I learned so much about the vast world we live in. I stepped far outside my comfort zone and found myself immersed in new cultures, languages, incredible history, and of course, really yummy food. From my travels, I have developed new passions for studying international fashion designers, authentic Italian cooking, photography, and a new desire to research European and English history. When you study abroad, you will find your soul craving adventure, seeking possibilities, developing new passions and growing in so many ways.

Another great thing about traveling abroad is how it makes you feel about yourself! I mean, traveling alone across the country is a confidence booster, if I’ve ever heard of one! It makes you proud of yourself in the best way possible. I urge you to sign up for that program you’ve been dreaming of. You are going to have the experience of a lifetime.

Another reason I’m glad I studied abroad is that my sweet parents were able to meet me in Florence at the end of my experience. We truly loved taking on this adventure together!

I’m forever thankful for this opportunity and all the experiences that came with it. Some of the highlights of my study abroad experience were feeling so posh in London, frolicking under the Eiffel Tower with a macaron in hand, singing in Disneyland Paris, eating my way through Italy (I mean pizza and pasta, c’mon y’all!), being transported back to the time of the gladiators in Rome, relaxing in the waves at Cinque Terre, holding up the leaning tower of Pisa, hearing the bagpipes play in Edinburgh, seeing the Queen at Buckingham Palace, taking the magical mystery tour bus and hanging out with The Fab Four in Liverpool, and walking across Abbey Road in London. Everything was a complete dream come true!

I came home so inspired, enriched, and incredibly thankful for this experience. Thank you, AIFS!

College student at the airport | AIFS Study Abroad

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