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Picture Perfect: St Paul’s

by AIFS Abroad Customized Faculty-Led

Last Updated on March 3, 2020 by AIFS Abroad Customized Faculty-Led

“My name is Donnie Kane and I am an aspiring Photographer. I am study abroad with AIFS in London and am so excited to be here in London to experience the culture and to have the opportunity to take photos of such a beautiful city! I will be sharing a collection of my images every few weeks so be sure to check back for Picture Perfect content.”

First up is London Landmarks! Check out these images he has captured of London’s famous St Paul’s Cathedral. It is amazing how one building looks so different from three different perspectives!

St Paul’s

Picture of St Paul's Cathedral with passing traffic light trails.
St Paul’s with the passing traffic

This picture is a Long exposure of St. Paul’s Cathedral at 10 pm, with the light trails of an iconic red London bus passing by. 

Picture of St Paul's Cathedral with Iconic red phone box in forground.
Iconic phone box with St Paul’s

For this picture I was looking for a unique angle to take of St. Paul’s Cathedral. I found this really cool angle with the iconic red telephone booth silhouetted by St. Paul’s in the background! I also decided to add some excitement by getting the light trials of the bus driving by as well. 

Picture of St Paul's Cathedral with unusal black phone box in forground.

I was walking down the sidewalk and spotted this black telephone booth that I’ve never seen before! So I set up my camera at this perfect angle with St. Paul’s in the background. At this point I already had 2 photos I was happy with of St. Paul’s but it’s such a beautiful building I couldn’t pass up this shot!

Donnie Kane is a communications student at Citrus College studying abroad in London for Fall 2019. Donnie is an aspiring photographer who is excited to experience the London culture and take photos in the amazing city. Keep checking back for more of Donnie’s blogs here.

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