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Picture Perfect: Stonehenge

by AIFS Abroad Customized Faculty-Led

“My name is Donnie Kane and I am an aspiring Photographer. I am study abroad with AIFS in London and am so excited to be here in London to experience the culture and to have the opportunity to take photos of such a beautiful city! I will be sharing a collection of my images every few weeks so be sure to check back for Picture Perfect content.”

Next up is Stonehenge! Check out these images he has captured of the famous stones. It is amazing how one location looks so different from three different perspectives!

“Low angle shot of Stonehenge! I tried to focus on the grass and have the stones in the background but blurred. I think it made a cool effect. “

“This one I wanted to line up the stones perfectly to create a natural frame. I also waited for someone to pass so that the frame was actually framing something.”

“Here I wanted to get a low angle shot but have the stones fully in focus and the rest blurred. I wish the weather wasn’t so dull but I still think it came out okay!”

Donnie Kane is a communications student at Citrus College studying abroad in London for Fall 2019. Donnie is an aspiring photographer who is excited to experience the London culture and take photos in the amazing city. Keep checking back for more of Donnie’s blogs here.

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