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10 Gifts for Study Abroad Students in 2020

by AIFS Abroad
Gifts for Study Abroad - Gift Guide 2020 | AIFS Study Abroad

Looking for a gift for someone who is traveling or will study abroad in 2020? Look no further! We compiled this holiday season’s best gifts for international travelers.

Here are the top 10 best gifts for study abroad students in 2020:

#1: Collapsible Reusable Water Bottle

Reusable water bottles are better for the environment and wallet than disposable bottled water. Lugging around a water bottle while traveling, however, can be a headache. Collapsible water bottles are here to save the day! Made of durable silicone, these water bottles collapse down to a small size that fits easily in a bag. Check out Amazon’s 4 Best Silicone Water Bottles list.

#2: Portable Charger Power Bank

Many students studying abroad rely on their cell phones for music, movies, communication and taking photographs. Make sure they never get stuck with a dead battery while traveling. Portable charger power banks help travelers charge devices while on the go.

#3: Noise Cancelling Headphones

Give the gift of peace and quiet on long international flights. Noise cancelling headphones make it easy to study – or nap – anywhere when traveling. Check out the Sony WH1000XM3, rated the best noise cancelling headphones in 2019 by USAToday.

#4: Digital Luggage Scale

Eliminate stressful surprises at the airport. Digital luggage scales are small portable devices that help make sure baggage meets airline weight restrictions. The LEOKOR digital luggage scale features a built-in tape measures to ensure your luggage will fit in the overhead compartment.

#5 Gift Cards

Prefer to give gift cards? Look into gift cards that your loved one can use in their study abroad destination or while exploring on their own. Check out gift cards for Rail Europe, Airbnb and Audible.

#6: Travel Roll Up Space Saver Bags

Packing for studying abroad is practically an art form. Help them pack bulky items and increase luggage space with roll up space saver bags. These bags don’t require a vacuum or pump; instead, the air is squeezed out of the bag through rolling.

#7: Fun Luggage Tags

Luggage tags are a great, inexpensive gift idea for students studying abroad. Fun luggage tags make it easier to spot your belongings at airport baggage claims. Some fantastic luggage ID gift ideas include Star Wars, sloths, Harry Potter and personalized engraved tags.

#8: Electronics Organizer

Study abroad students often travel with many electronic devices such as tablets, laptops and cell phones. Help keep their cords and technology accessories organized while traveling with an electronics organizer.

#9: City Guides

Encourage their excitement for their new destination with intriguing travel guides. Lonely Planet offers a wide variety of city, country and general travel books that make the perfect gift for study abroad students!

#10: Universal Travel Power Adapters

Power outlet shapes and wattage levels vary throughout the world. Universal power adapters that work in international outlets are one of the most practical gifts for study abroad you can give. Look for adapters with built-in voltage converters like the BESTEK Universal Travel Adapter to protect devices from short circuiting while traveling internationally.

Is your New Year’s resolution to see the world? Embrace your wanderlust by studying abroad with AIFS in 2020!

Looking for a gift for someone who is traveling or will study abroad in 2020? Look no further! We compiled this holiday season’s best gifts for international travelers. Here are our top 10 gifts for study abroad and international student travel in 2020. #studyabroad #giftguide #travelgift #aifsabroad

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