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Study Abroad Housing: School Residences in Athens

by Maddie Willey
View of Athens, Greece from student housing in Athens, Greece | AIFS Study Abroad

Last Updated on June 9, 2023 by Maddie Willey

As a student participating in the AIFS program, I was placed into dorms provided by The American College of Greece for my study abroad housing in Athens. There are four buildings total and they act more as apartments than dorms. This fall, all AIFS students were placed in buildings R1, R2, or R3. Most of these apartments have up to six students in each apartment, but some could be close to 10. The higher number of roommates is much more common if you are placed in R4. My apartment personally in on the third floor of R1 and there are a total of five girls living with me.

The dorms and apartments all have some really good features! Each residence differs a little in what they have in them. For the purposes of this article, I am talking specifically about R1, as that is the one I stay in.

Here’s what my study abroad housing has been like this semester in Athens, Greece with AIFS:


First of all, my kitchen came fully stocked with some pots and pans, plates, bowls, utensils, cups and more. This was really handy because we did not need to immediately go out to try to find and buy everything we needed when we first arrived in Athens. While it would have been really nice to have Tupperware to put extra food in, I ended buying some on my own — it was just easier that way.


All of the closets in our residence came with hangers already in them! My closet had about 20, which was almost enough for all of my clothes. Each room in the apartments has a different set-up. My roommate and I ended up with the room with the most closet space out of the two double rooms. We each got one side of the space — all hanging space — and then split the middle closet which had a couple shelves and drawers.

Outdoor Space

In my residence, the two double rooms share a balcony and the single room has a small balcony of its own. Balconies have a table and a few chairs. I have already spent many hours enjoying the weather and eating, doing homework, or just relaxing.

Gym & Laundry Facilities

In the basement of R1 there is a gym and the laundry rooms. Personally, I have not tried any of the equipment in the gym, but I know of a few people who use it often and enjoy it.

The laundry rooms are right off of the workout area. The use of the washer and dryers are free for students; we just need to supply laundry detergent. There is a modge-podge of different brands and types of washers and dryers. As far as I can tell, the washers work just fine, but the dryers aren’t as efficient as what we are used to in the United States (but at least they are free!). Sometimes they leave things damp, but this is common in many European areas. They require smaller loads. So, if anything, don’t leave your laundry to the last moment!

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