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11 Ways to Spend Your Summer Abroad in Multiple Cities

by AIFS Abroad
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When it comes down to it, deciding where to spend your summer abroad can be tough since there are so many incredible options. If you find yourself wanting to experience more than one place, don’t limit yourself! Here at AIFS Study Abroad, we offer a variety of multi-destination summer study abroad programs where students can study one course or topic while traveling to to multiple cities or countries. Each program is exciting and unique — there’s something for everyone!

Here are 11 incredible multi-destination program options if you want to spend your summer abroad:

1. Japanese Culture: Past, Present and Future

📍 Study abroad in Japan and travel to: Kyoto, Nagasaki, and Tokyo

Explore Japanese culture from a historical and contemporary viewpoint during this multi-city program. Students will investigate traditional elements and contrast them with trendsetting pop culture and technological advancements, all while critically reviewing Japan’s role in a modern world setting. Tour ancient Japanese temples, historical districts, science and innovation museums, UNESCO sites, and so much when you spend your summer abroad on this program.

2. Southeast Asia: History, Conflict and Culture in Vietnam and Cambodia

📍 Study abroad in Southeast Asia and travel to: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Phnom Penh, and Siem Reap

If you’re interested in the history of the Vietnam War and its impact on the greater region, this multi-destination program is the perfect way to spend your summer abroad. Focusing on the ethos, causes, and socio-political impact of the war, in addition to the United States’s involvement, students will dive deep into the 19-year conflict by visiting cities in both Vietnam and Cambodia.

3. Centuries of Genocide: A History

📍Study abroad in Europe and travel to: London, Berlin, Prague, Krakow, and Warsaw

This summer, you could spend 3-weeks abroad taking a powerful history course, Centuries of Genocide, in Europe. Hear from guest speakers from human rights organizations. Excursions include visits to locations like the Schindler’s Factory museum, Berlin’s Jewish sector, Ravensbrück, Warsaw Ghetto, Auschwitz and Birkenau, and Holocaust Exhibition at the Imperial War Museum.

4. Criminal Justice in Rome and London

📍Study abroad in Europe and travel to: Rome and London

Criminal Justice majors and enthusiasts, this one’s for you. Spend your summer abroad exploring relevant topics while traveling throughout Rome and London for seven weeks. Outside of the classroom, you’ll explore significant places like London’s Supreme Court, the Old Bailey criminal court, and Her Majesty’s Prison in Brixton. Enjoy an excursion to Florence, included in your program fees, and an optional excursion to Venice.

5. Tropical Marine Biology in Australia

📍Study abroad in Australia and travel throughout Western Australia

Are you passionate about marine biology? Spend your summer studying it in a dream location: Australia’s magnificent Ningaloo Coast. During this multi-destination program, you’ll spend explore Perth, the capital of Western Australia, before taking an unforgettable 10-day field trip to Ningaloo Reef and Marine Park, which is one of Australia’s longest fringing coral reef and one of the largest on earth.

6. European Art and Architecture

📍Study abroad in Europe and travel to: London, Amsterdam, Paris, Lausanne, Venice, Florence, and Rome

Intrigued by art history and architecture? This multi-destination program option gives students a chance to study some of the most influential and j-aw-dropping masterpieces on earth while traveling in seven incredible European cities. 

PS: Check out our J-Term option for this study abroad program!

7. Fashion Marketing and Merchandising

📍Study Abroad in Europe and travel to: London, Paris, Milan, and Florence

Explore fashion marketing and merchandising in four fashion capitals of the world. The three-week fashion course, led by a European specialist in fashion marketing, will be supplemented by visits to the Victoria and Albert Museum’s Fashion Collection, Musée des Arts Decoratifs, the Museum of Silk, the Gucci Museum, and more.

8. LGBTQ+ in the U.K.: Pride and Prejudice

📍Study Abroad in Europe and travel to: London and Amsterdam

Spend your summer abroad on our LGBTQ+ in the U.K. study abroad program where you’ll examine the history, culture, politics, relationships, and images of queer people in the United Kingdom from the 18th century through present day. From Molly Houses to Oscar Wilde, or the Gay Liberation front to the HIV/AIDS epidemic, students will consider the ways that queer people have suffused the political and cultural life in the United Kingdom despite being the target of discrimination and exclusion. Take part in a Pride in Parliament tour, visit Amsterdam, and more.

9. Storytelling in Australia

📍Study abroad in Australia and travel throughout Western Australia

Can you imagine camping in Australia under the stars while exploring Australian history, culture, and storytelling traditions? Spend your summer abroad with us in Western Australia! Develop your own creative project – in genres like creative writing, journalism, photography, or video – while gaining inspiration by traveling from Perth to the Shark Bay World Heritage area, Ningaloo Reef, the Australian Outback, Meekatharra, and more.

10. The Vikings

📍Study abroad in Europe and travel to: Copenhagen, Malmö, Stockholm, and Oslo

Study the Viking Age in Scandinavia this summer! This 3-credit history course will take you to four different destinations, making stops for experiential learning at places like Roskilde Viking Ship Museum, the Foteviken Museum, and Telleborg (to name a few).

11. Western European Cinema

📍Study abroad in Europe and travel to: London, Paris, and Rome

Passionate about cinematography and film? Explore your interests when you spend your summer abroad on our multi-destination program in Western Europe. Earn 3-semester credits through a film course that includes tours of an array of famous film-locations – from the Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studios to Alfred Hitchcock’s London to the Tuscan countryside!

Gain academic credit while studying abroad and traveling this summer! Get started on your journey (before space runs out).

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