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8 Highlights of AIFS Japan Summer Study & Travel Program

by AIFS Abroad
Study and travel abroad in Japan with AIFS!

Last Updated on March 3, 2020 by AIFS Abroad

Spend your summer studying abroad in Japan! With the AIFS Japanese Culture: Past, Present and Future Study & Travel Program, you will visit three Japanese cities, each with their own distinct feel: Kyoto, Nagasaki and Tokyo!

Study abroad & travel in Japan with AIFS

Simultaneously steeped in traditional culture and a pioneer in modern technological advances, Japan is a country of sharp contrasts. You’ll spend 10 nights in Kyoto, where you’ll experience traditional Japanese customs and art through visits to numerous temples, shrines, traditional gardens and museums. Kyoto once served as Japan’s capital and the Emperor’s residence from 794-1868.

Next, travel by shinkansen (bullet train) to Nagasaki, where you will spend 3 nights. Set in a beautiful natural harbor, Nagasaki was once the home of the first foreign settlements for Western trade in Japan and is now infamous as the site of the second atomic bomb.

The last stop on the itinerary is Tokyo, where you’ll spend 7 nights taking in the hyper-modern culture of Japan’s bustling capital city.

Here are 8 highlights of studying abroad in Japan with AIFS this summer:

Visit these iconic sites while studying and traveling through Japan with AIFS, plus enjoy free time to explore Japan on your own!

1. Nara Park:

Visit Nara Park when you study abroad in Japan with AIFS this summer!

One of Japan’s oldest parks, Nara Park is home to over 1,200 wild Sika deer that were once considered sacred and thought to be the messengers of gods. Deer crackers are sold at the park, and many deer have learned to bow to visitors to ask to be fed.

2. Great Buddha Hall:

Visit the Great Buddha statue in Nara when you study abroad in Japan with AIFS!

Located in the Tōdai-ji temple in Nara, the giant bronze Buddha statue is the world’s largest Buddha statue and nearly bankrupted Japan in 751. Sika deer wander throughout the temples.

3. Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion):

Summer study abroad in Japan lets you see the Golden Pavilion in Kyoto!

Perhaps the most recognized sight in Kyoto, the Zen temple’s top stories are covered in ornate gold leaf. Visitors stroll the surrounding gardens, taking photos of the temple’s golden reflection in the surrounding water of Kyokochi, the mirror pond.

4. Miyajima Island:

View the Torii gate at Miyajima when studying abroad in Japan this summer with AIFS!

Ranked one of the top three scenic spots in Japan, Miyajima is famous for the Itsukushima Shrine, a Shinto shrine featuring a torii gate that appears to float due to being partially submerged during high tides.

5. Nagasaki Peace Park:

Nagasaki Peace Park is a beautiful memorial. Visit when studying and traveling abroad this summer.

Spend a morning visiting the tranquil complex that commemorates the atomic bombing of Nagasaki in 1945. The complex is made up of two parks and a memorial museum. Visitors can glimpse a layer of soil below the park’s surface where debris remains from the explosion.

6. National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation:

Study abroad in Tokyo and visit the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation.

Opened in 2001, this museum in Tokyo features exhibits such as Geo-Cosmos, a high resolution globe displaying real-time global weather patterns, and Asimo, a humanoid robot.

7. Ghibli Museum:

Immerse yourself in the whimsy of My Neighbor Totoro at the Tokyo Ghibli Museum while studying abroad this summer!

Visit the museum showcasing the works of Japanese animation studio Studio Ghibli. Located in the suburbs of Tokyo, the museum features a replica of the Catbus from My Neighbor Totoro, a rooftop garden, a café and more.

8. Tokyo Tower:

Check out the view from the Tokyo Tower this summer!

Take in a panoramic view of the city from the main deck platform. Tokyo Tower is the second-tallest structure in Japan, modeled after the Eiffel Tower.

Don’t Miss the Deadline!

Deadlines start March 1st – secure your spot and explore everything Japan has to offer this summer.

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