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It’s National Study Abroad Day 2020!

by AIFS Abroad
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Happy #StudyAbroadDay! We are celebrating the global impact of studying abroad and encouraging everyone to join in. The first annual National Study Abroad Day – February 24, 2020 – is a celebration meant to highlight and bring awareness to the benefits and impact of studying abroad.

In honor of National Study Abroad Day 2020, discover how studying abroad has impacted AIFS alumni:

Peter K., AIFS in London, England Alum:

“I accepted an offer from Goldman Sachs in New York City after graduation! This was merely months after returning from a semester abroad that changed my life and truly helped me land my dream job.”

AIFS in Rome Alum celebrates National Study Abroad Day 2020!

Amie K., AIFS in Rome, Italy Alum:

“Studying abroad helped me gain independence and confidence that I never thought I would have.”

Celebrate Study Abroad Day with AIFS!

Katrina H., AIFS in Hyderabad, India Alum:

If you are thinking about going abroad, don’t overthink it — GO! Living in a foreign and unfamiliar city forces you to grow in ways that you simply would not be able to in places where you are too comfortable. You will have some of the most exciting days of your life living in a new city, new culture and with a new group of people.

AIFS in Costa Rica Alum celebrates National Study Abroad Day 2020.

Jordan W., AIFS in San José, Costa Rica Alum:

“My time in San José has impacted my educational goals and career. Getting to learn medical Spanish terms and getting to practically apply them in patient-practitioner interactions was invaluable to me.”

Study abroad with AIFS! #studyabroadday2020

Ryan D., AIFS in Salamanca, Spain Alum:

“Studying abroad impacted my life in an extremely positive way regarding my education and career goals. Before I went to Spain, I was unsure of what I wanted to do in life. After spending four months there and traveling around Europe, I realized that working international was exactly what I was looking for. The experiences of meeting new people and a new culture is truly amazing and not something you can find everyday.”

AIFS in London alum comments on the impact of studying abroad for #StudyAbroadDay

Alexis V., AIFS in London, England Alum:

“Studying abroad in London has given me easy access to the rest of Europe which is full of diverse and unique cultures in every country!”

For #StudyAbroadDay, AIFS in Salamanca Spain alum comments on her experience.

Hayley P., AIFS in Salamanca, Spain Alum:

“International study simply helped me understand how to live the way I wanted to before I came here. It’s given me memories, and it’s given me life-long lessons.”

Jesyah W., AIFS in San José, Costa Rica Alum:

Emily C., AIFS in Berlin, Germany Alum:

“Studying abroad provides you with a sense of self-confidence and independence you just can’t get without leaving. It’s different from traveling on your own or with friends. It’s different than a vacation. When you’re actually living abroad you have the time and the resources to fully immerse yourself in where you are.”

– Interview with GoAbroad.com
Celebrate #NationalStudyAbroadDay with AIFS in Maynooth, Ireland alum!

Juana, AIFS in Maynooth, Ireland Alum:

“I felt a welcoming feeling abroad in Ireland because the people were so excited to meet new people. I want to create that feeling for new visitors in the United States so they can also have a new point of view on the world.”

Taylor, AIFS in Barcelona, Spain Alum:

Molly D., AIFS in Stellenbosch, South Africa Alum:

This experience living in South Africa for five months was one of the most influential moment of my life so far. It was a completely pivotal experience in terms of my career. I felt that I wasn’t just visiting another country, but that I was immersing myself into a different culture. My specific study abroad experience gave me direction for my life, and I believe that I found my purpose in life there.

GoAbroad.com review

Jane, AIFS in Salzburg, Austria Alum:

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