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Your Guide to Applying for AIFS Study Abroad Online Programs

by AIFS Abroad
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Last Updated on June 9, 2023 by AIFS Abroad

Make the most out of your college years – start your international education! AIFS Online Programs are summer or semester online voyages with engaging virtual courses led by international faculty. With our virtual cultural events and career-focused workshops, you can gain a global perspective while also preparing for life after graduation. Use this handy guide and begin on your online adventure!

How to Apply for AIFS Study Abroad Online Programs:

1. Decide what you want to get out of your study abroad online experience.

Determine what you need in a virtual study abroad program. Do you need to fulfill a particular degree requirement? Are you looking to take language courses? Do you want to take a full course load or just one course? Would you prefer to do a semester or summer term? With a wide variety of courses and program options in 9 countries and counting, AIFS has a program that will meet your needs.

2. Browse our online course list and talk to an AIFS Admissions Officer.

One benefit of AIFS Online Programs is that you can mix and match courses from different program locations! For example, you can choose a business course from a university in London, England while also taking an environmental science course from a university in San José, Costa Rica. Don’t hesitate to contact an AIFS Admissions Officer with any questions or concerns you have about the application process.

3. Submit your application.

Applying to AIFS Study Abroad Online Programs is simple! Submit your application, payment and any required documentation online. Check your to-do list in your student portal regularly for any outstanding tasks. Completed applications are usually reviewed within 1 business day, so expect an update on your application status quickly!

4. Get ready…

Before your online study abroad program starts, you can connect with your program location. Explore the AIFS blog for student stories. You can also connect with us through YouTube, Facebook or Instagram and learn more about local culture and student experiences in your program location(s).

5. Enjoy your program!

Most importantly, get ready to immerse yourself in your international education. In addition to your courses, you’ll benefit from our career workshops and virtual cultural events!

6. Enroll in a future on-site study abroad program.

Take the next step in your global education. AIFS is here for you when you are ready to travel. Students who enroll in our online study abroad program will feel inspired to pack their bags and jet off as soon as the skies reopen! Plus, if you participate in our Summer 2020 session, you’ll receive a $500 grant or scholarship towards a future on-site AIFS study abroad program!

Ready to start your virtual voyage?

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