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5 More Reasons to Study Abroad Online

by AIFS Abroad

Last Updated on June 9, 2023 by AIFS Abroad

A few weeks ago, we posted 6 reasons to choose a virtual study abroad program. Now, we’re covering 5 more reasons why choosing an online study abroad program is a great option for college students!

5 (More) Benefits to Study Abroad Online Programs

1. Quality Virtual Courses

Providers and universities have had a lot more time to plan virtual study abroad programs. At AIFS, we are committed to providing the same level of support and high-quality programs that have made us a leader in international education for over 50 years.

Virtual courses provide an enriching experience and can even work better for some learning styles. In fact, many students find it easier to digest information and work at their own pace with study abroad online programs!

2. Accessibility

Virtual study abroad programs are accessible to a wide range of students. When you study abroad online, you can put accessibility and mobility concerns aside and immerse yourself in a global education! 

3. Customized learning environment

You can participate in a virtual program from anywhere in the world with WiFi. Choose your favorite learning environment and earn college credits in the set up that works best for your lifestyle! Maybe you focus best taking your French courses in your bedroom or learning statistics from a professor in Rome while you lounge on a local beach. The choice is yours – make the world your classroom!

4. Stay close to home

One major benefit of study abroad online programs? You can still see your friends, family and pets every day. With a virtual study abroad experience, you can gain a global perspective while keeping your home life routine intact. Keep your work and social plans and order your usual from your favorite sushi place. 

5. Improve your language skills with native speakers

When you study abroad online, you can immerse yourself in language learning, regardless of your current fluency level. Are you majoring in a language like Spanish or French? Increase your fluency with courses led by native speakers. Zero foreign language experience? No problem! With AIFS online programs, you can start learning a new language like Czech or Italian! 

5 reasons to study abroad online | AIFS Study Abroad

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