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New: Technical & Vocational Education Study Abroad Programs

by AIFS Abroad

The AIFS Customized, Faculty-Led  Team is pleased to introduce a new range of study abroad programs for students studying Technical Education and Vocational careers.

Fields such as Automotive Technology, Criminal Justice, Cosmetology, Culinary Arts, Health and Human Services, Fashion, Hospitality and Tourism, TV, Film and Media are included, with more on the way.  

Skills developed as a result of Studying Abroad
Skills developed as a result of Studying Abroad

Preparing for today’s workplace:

A study abroad program for today’s college students of any major can be an integral component of their academic journey. For many, it is a vital means of preparing them for today’s global workplace. This is also an important opportunity for Technical Education and Vocational Career students. An international experience, besides introducing them to similarities and differences in practices and trends, helps students develop a wide range of skills in high demand by today’s job market. Intercultural competence, problem solving, adaptability and creativity are key skills learned from study abroad.

Impact of Study Abroad on Employment
Impact of Study Abroad on Employment

Outcome studies, like those conducted by the AIFS team in 2011 and 2018, show that experience overseas has a positive impact on their future career choice and employability. With these programs, we hope to give many more students the opportunity to add this to their resume when they are ready to enter their professional field.

Accessible and affordable:

We have designed this series of programs to be more accessible and to meet students’ practical needs while  providing them with an international academic  opportunity suited to their career.  These programs recognize that many students pursuing a technical or vocational education may not be able to spend a full semester or summer term studying abroad. Our initial sample itineraries have been designed as 7-days plus travel, enabling colleges to schedule these during winter, spring, summer or fall breaks. 

The program fees are moderate and all-inclusive and a typical week-long itinerary aims to combine academic visits and cultural enrichment. Itineraries include visits to businesses and organizations, meetings with industry experts, hands-on workshops and masterclasses. Students will tour the highlights of the city that they are visiting including entrances and guides.  Housing, transportation, some meals, and a comprehensive insurance policy complete the package. Faculty will have time to lecture before, during and after daily activities as needed. They may also decide to teach on campus/online prior to departure, or upon their return. The itineraries are entirely customizable to meet the faculty’s academic objectives.  

Students will gain international exposure to their chosen field through visits to industry sites well suited to the location. Visits are tailored to give an overview of the range of careers that are available within their field of study. All itineraries can be customized to complement the teaching of an existing course back on campus.   

Automotive, Culinary Arts and Cosmetology

The Boqueria Market, Barcelona
The Boqueria Market, Barcelona

Automotive students will enjoy specialized tours of assembly plants such as BMW in Munich, Audi in Ingolstadt or Skoda in Prague. Culinary Arts students will focus on the Mediterranean diet with hands-on cooking classes using local, seasonal ingredients and traditional dishes. They will also tour local markets such as La Boqueria in Barcelona or the Varvakeios Agora in Athens. We also take advantage of local producers such as Modena vinegar factories or Tuscan wineries and cheese near Florence. Cosmetology students will have masterclasses by local industry leaders and visits to high street salons and boutiques in London or Florence.  

Health and Human Services and Criminal Justice

The Royal Courts of Justice at the Old Bailey, London
The Royal Courts of Justice at the Old Bailey, London

Health and Human Services students will have guest lectures in all locations, in addition to hands-on experience such as  a simulation hospital in San Jose (Costa Rica). In Berlin they will participate in visits to national health service hospitals and clinics. In Florence, visits to residential care facilities for mental health, seniors and HIV+ patients. Criminal Justice students will have guest lectures from London Metropolitan police professionals and attend a real trial at the Old Bailey, visits to historic jails in Dublin and Belfast or visit a police station in Edinburgh.  

TV, Film and Comms, and Fashion

Professional mannequins at an atelier, Florence
Professional mannequins at an atelier, Florence

TV, Film and Communication students will visit the BBC and ITV studios as well as time with British and European industry officials in London. Hospitality and Tourism students will visit leading 4-star and small boutique hotels. They will also learn about industry trends such as sustainable, environmentally friendly tourism from expert guest lecturers in London, Florence or Barcelona. Fashion students will visit the Ferragamo Museum, the Gucci Garden and the Fashion and Costume Museum at the Pitti Palace. Florence offers also offers visits to local artisans, leather workshops and a textile factory.  

Watch a recording of our previous webinar on this topic here.

For questions or to start the process of setting up a Technical and Vocational Education study abroad program with AIFS, get in touch with our team.

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