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J-Term ’22: Spend Winter Break Abroad!

by AIFS Abroad

If you’re in the market for a short-term study abroad program this winter, you’re in luck! We’ve got a multitude of inclusive programs for college students who are eager to see the world during their undergraduate careers, but who may not have the time because of their academic trajectory, extracurriculars, or other commitments at their home university during the school year. Whether you’ve got your sights set on Europe, Latin America, Africa, or beyond, there’s a J-Term option for you!

Eager to spend your winter break abroad? Here’s our lineup of J-Term study abroad programs in 2022:

1. Salzburg, Austria (New!)

We’re thrilled to offer a J-Term study abroad program in elegant, scenic Salzburg this winter! Earn 3 credits by taking a historical music course, all while immersing yourself in the local culture! You’ll live in a student residence hall, have an allowance for groceries and purchasing meals out, participate in cultural and social activities, and take a 3-day excursion to Austria’s capital city of Vienna.

2. San José, Costa Rica

Want to escape the winter weather? Venture off to sunny Costa Rica with AIFS, where you’ll earn 3 credits taking a course in health and human sciences! Live in a homestay with a local host family, enjoy meals with them, participate in walking tours, visit an indigenous community, and take a trip to nearby Cartago.

3. Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

Passionate about environmental science? Join us for a winter break in the exotic Gálapagos Islands where you’ll take a 3-credit course through the Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ). By living in a homestay, you’ll immerse yourself in the local language and culture. Enjoy included excursions to Quito and Santa Cruz Island, as well as lots of cultural and social activities.

4. London, England

Traditional Program: Spend a few weeks studying in the metropolitan city of London! Earn up to 6 credits in courses such as communications, history, marketing, sociology, and fashion. You’ll live in a student residence with other AIFS students, and even receive a meal allowance. Take a day trip to Oxford and enjoy other cultural and social activities during your time abroad.

Social Justice Movements Program (New!): Earn 3 semester credits taking a course in political science/sociology. Students will study contemporary social justice issues, engaging in respectful debate about equality, power, structural bias, history’s role in creating conditions that uphold discrimination and privilege, and more.

5. Paris, France

Say bonjour to a new adventure! Spend a few weeks during your winter break earning 3 credits in the City of Lights — Paris! Take a course in art history, business, or fashion. Live (and eat!) in a Parisian homestay, immersing yourself in local culture and language. Enjoy an excursion to the famous palace of Versailles and participate in other planned activities.

6. Berlin, Germany

Looking for a modern, diverse city to spend your J-Term abroad? Look no further than Berlin! Choose from a variety of course options in fields such as education, German language, international studies, political science, urban planning, and more — earning at least 3 credits in the process. Enjoy a double or single room in a university apartment and a pre-loaded meal card. Visit nearby Potsdam, as well as explore museums, the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, and other historical sites.

7. Athens, Greece

Picture this: you’re spending your winter break in a city with ancient monuments at every turn; in the birthplace of democracy! Athens, a classic yet lively city, is the perfect place to study abroad for a few weeks, earning 3 credits in course topics such as archaeology and history. Students enjoy living in a double room of a student apartment, as well as an allowance to subsidize the cost of meals and groceries. Gear up to take excursions to Delphi and the Sanctuary of Apollo, as well as participate in other local cultural and social activities.

8. Budapest, Hungary (New!)

Budapest, a twin capital of the Austro-Hungarian empire, is an idyllic place to spend your winter break abroad. Earn 3 credits in business or digital marketing, all while living in a student residence and enjoying the city’s vibrant cultural life and bustling atmosphere — perfect for college students. Use your meal allowance to subsidize the cost of food and groceries. Enjoy excursions to Szentendre and Vienna, as well as tours, museum visits, and other activities.

9. Dublin, Ireland

Spend a few weeks studying abroad in Ireland’s capital city this winter! Earn 3 credits in an Irish literature course at the country’s top-ranked university, Trinity College Dublin. Live in a shared apartment or student residence, where you don’t have to worry about meals because you’ve been given a meal allowance from AIFS! Enjoy day trips to Wicklow, Glendalough, and Kilkenny, as well as fantastic cultural and social activities set up by your on-site Resident Director.

10. Rome, Italy

Say arrivederci to the U.S. for a few weeks and spend your winter break abroad the bustling city of Rome! Earn up to 6 credits taking courses in fields like art history, Italian language and culture, psychology, religion, and sociology. Live in a homestay or centrally-located apartment and try tons of delicious Italian food using your included meal vouchers. Explore other areas of Italy, such as the town of Assisi and region of Umbria, and participate in various cultural and social activities planned by your Resident Director.

11. Stellenbosch, South Africa

Escape the cold and head to the southern hemisphere this winter! Study abroad in Stellenbosch — a stone’s throw from Cape Town — this J-Term as a college student and earn 3 or 5 credits, depending your course selection. Fields of study include photography, business, and South African wine and winemaking (sign us up!). Reside in a student residence on campus or in student lodges. Head to Robben Island and the Cape of Good Hope on pre-planned excursions, and enjoy tours of other local attractions.

12. Barcelona, Spain

Earn 3 credits studying Spanish art and cultural heritage or international business in Barcelona this J-Term! Students who choose this Spanish city as their winter break study abroad destination will live in a Spanish homestay, immersing themselves in local culture and language. A shared apartment option is available, as well, should students wish to supplement their living arrangements. Students receive a meal allowance, take trips to Montserrat and Sitges, and go on other tours and cultural activities!

13. Granada, Spain

Traditional Program: As the last Moorish kingdom to fall, Granada is chock full of rich Islamic and Spanish history! Spend your winter break abroad in this fascinating city, earning 3 credits on our Traditional Program taking courses in fields like history, religion, sociology, and more. Immerse yourself in Spanish culture by living (and eating!) with a local host family. Venture to Morocco for a few days on an AIFS-led excursion. Participate in tours of local attractions and take part in other activities set up by your Resident Director.

Medical Program: Study Health Sciences and Public Health while participating in a medical internship in Granada. Your internship will take place at a hospital where you’ll work alongside an English-speaking doctor in various specialist departments. This is a great opportunity to see the Spanish health care system up close and personal. As with our traditional programs, students will live with a local host family and enjoy excursions, as well as cultural and social activities.

14. Salamanca, Spain

Earn 3 credits and study Spanish language at the oldest university in Spain, the University of Salamanca, which is the leading national institution for teaching Spanish as a second language! You’ll live with a local host family in a homestay, enjoying three meals a day (yum!). Head to Madrid on a 2-day excursion with your AIFS group and take part in other cultural activities like tapas tours, museum visits, and more!

15. Study & Travel – European Art & Culture

Can’t decide on just one location to spend your winter break abroad? Try our European Art & Culture multi-destination Study & Travel program, where you’ll earn 3 credits studying art history while making stops in London, Amsterdam, Paris, Lausanne, Venice, Florence, and Rome — cities full of magnificent masterpieces. Live in student residences or tourist-class hotels while traveling, as well as included daily breakfast! Explore museums and galleries, as well as sites of cultural, historical, and architectural interest.

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