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Celebrating International Education Week 2021

by AIFS Abroad
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Each year, we celebrate all things international education and study abroad during International Education Week. In 2021, the week of recognition falls during November 15-19.

Why is international education important?

We surveyed our team from our program locations around the world — as well as our HQ staff in Annapolis, MD and Stamford, CT — to find out why they felt international education is so important for college students to experience. Hear their thoughts:

“International education is important because…”

  • “… we need globally educated citizens to help solve some of the world’s biggest problems.” – Emily Merson, Executive Director, AIFS Abroad
  • “… it opens your eyes to the world!” – Jane, Asst. Resident Director, AIFS in Paris, France
  • “… it exposes students to new perspectives and ways of thinking.” – Gaye, Resident Director, AIFS in Salamanca, Spain
  • “… it shows you new career directions and networking.” – Noelia, Resident Director, AIFS in Granada, Spain
  • “… it promotes mutual understanding among people from different nations.” – Edu, , Resident Director, AIFS in Seville, Spain
  • … it promotes diversity and personal growth.” – Ingrid, , Resident Director, AIFS in Salzburg, Austria
  • “… it gives you the world!” – Rosanna, Resident Director, AIFS in Rome, Italy
  • … through learning about different cultures, you learn more about your own culture and yourself.” – Renata, Resident Director, AIFS in Prague, Czech Republic
  • … it brings the world together!” – Karla (and students!), Resident Director, AIFS in San José, Costa Rica
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