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Top Gifts for Interns Abroad in 2023 

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Office Interns during Holiday Season

Last Updated on December 9, 2022 by AIFS Abroad

Do you have a loved one who is planning on interning abroad in the new year? If so, we have great news — we’ve narrowed down some ideas for gifts that you can give the special intern or interns in your life. 

Drumroll, please! Here are the top 10 gifts for interns this holiday season: 

#1: Travel journal 

Gifts for interns don’t have to be complicated. A journal can make the best gift and help ensure that your loved one doesn’t forget a thing about their incredible adventure. Whether it’s doodles, quotes, or meaningful journal entries, this gift will be a perfect reminder of all the professional and personal growth they experienced during their international internship. 

#2: Mini portable photo printer 

One of the best parts of interning abroad is forming new connections. With a small portable photo printer, interns can print photos taken on their phones in seconds. Bonus: They can quickly print out a copy and share it with new friends!  

#3: Gift cards 

Although it may seem impersonal, gift cards can make amazing presents for interns. No matter what their hobbies, aspirations or interests may be, gift cards make it easy for your loved one to find exactly what they need. Gift cards from places like Airbnb, Audible or Uber can really come in handy during their travels. 

#4: Versatile travel pillow 

Give the intern you know an extra level of comfort with a twistable travel pillow. These are specially designed to provide head, neck and spine support — so they’ll be comfy whether they’re jet-seining or sitting at their office chair.  

#5: Collapsible water bottle 

We’re all about taking big steps and leaving small footprints! Reusable water bottles are a must for an intern on the go – but they can be a little bulky to pack. Consider gifting a collapsible water bottle that can easily fit in any bag or suitcase when not in use. 

#6: Universal power adapter 

Did you know? The shapes and wattage levels of power outlets can vary by country. The last thing an intern needs is to blow a fuse. Universal power adapters are compatible with international outlets and make very practical gifts for interns. 

#7: Multi USB charging cable 

Say goodbye to untangling a pile of USB cords after landing. A multi-USB charging cable can juice up just about any device. These four-in-one cables are easy to pack so your loved one will never have to worry about running out of battery while traveling.  

#8: Daypack 

A reliable backpack is a must have for every intern. Having a daypack that’s small enough to fit in luggage but spacious enough for weekend essentials will definitely come in handy if they’re planning on taking lots of weekend trips during their internship program. 

#9: Portable chargers for smartwatches and phones 

Give the gift of convenience and practicality. With a portable charger, interns can make sure their devices are always ready for business – even while they’re on the go.  

#10: Compression packing cubes 

You can help your loved one increase space in their suitcase and keep organized with compression packing cubes. Featuring an extra zipper around the outside, compression cubes help squash clothes down and maximize luggage space. 

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