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Study Abroad Hidden Gems in Summer 2023

by AIFS Abroad

Last Updated on June 20, 2023 by AIFS Abroad

With hundreds of programs in dozens of countries, AIFS Abroad offers a large range of global programs for university students from all backgrounds and interests. What you might not know is that among the hundreds of choices, there are some super unique hidden gems that you may not have heard about before.

Here are our team’s favorite hidden gem study programs for Summer 2023. 

1. Sustainable Cities

London, England; Stockholm, Sweden; Copenhagen, Denmark | May 26 – June 12, 2023 

Explore three cities’ approaches to navigating environmental sustainability and meet leading policy advocates and experience first-hand innovative strategies for mitigating climate change. Experiential and immersive, this program is ideal for a range of career and academic interests including politics, policy, urban planning, environmental studies/science and sociology. 

2. The Globe Theatre Program

London, England | June 10 – July 1, 2023 

This three-week, 3 credit Globe program will give students a wonderful opportunity to study on-site at the Globe Theatre, learning from professional theater practitioners including actors, directors, designers and musicians. Lectures and seminars will be supplemented by movement and voice workshops, scene rehearsals, question and answer sessions with Company members, clothing and music demonstrations and combat workshops. This program is perfect for aspiring actors, Theatre, History and English majors and those looking for a career in the performing arts and world of Shakespeare. With the option to add on a 4-week session in July, you can create a 7-week summer abroad at the London AIFS Global Education Center and choose from courses in a wide range of subject areas. 

3. Health Sciences at St George’s University

London, England | July 8 – August 4, 2023 

Frontiers in Human Health Program: The Frontiers in Human Health summer school offers you the opportunity to explore past, present and future approaches to tackling some of the world’s major health challenges. Connect with fellow students, teachers and researchers as you explore global health challenges and the research approaches used to address them. Fields covered include global health, infection and immunity, genomic medicine, translational medicine and population health. 

This course is team-taught by a variety of experts in their respective fields, who are based at SGUL year-round. With a strong emphasis on research-informed teaching, this module will provide students with an opportunity to gain insight into multiple aspects of the research experience. You will engage with specialists, explore research facilities and have the opportunity to work in a group to design and complete your own short laboratory research project. 

4. Medical Spanish Language Certificate

Buenos Aires, Argentina | June 17 – July 17, 2023  

Medical Spanish with Clinical Rotation: This program is intended for students who already have basic communication skills in Spanish. The general aim of the course is to extend students’ abilities to communicate on a wider range of topics in a medical setting. Classes emphasize the active acquisition of grammatical structures and vocabulary.  

The 60 hours of clinical rotation take place in the morning at FLENI (Foundation for the Fight against Childhood Neurological Diseases). The language course is a total of 60 hours, 45 in class and 15 during the rotation, for a recommended 4 semester credits. Due to the intensive nature of the clinical rotation and the additional hours at the hospital, the overall program is recommended for a total of 6 semester credits. 

5. Forced Migration: Refugee, International Human Rights Program

Madrid, Spain | June 5 – June 24, 2023 

Taught in English, this 45-hour 3-credit course is a first step to understanding the situation of international migration and its management in Spain and the interdisciplinary work carried out with migrants and refugees, from the perspective of the defense of fundamental human rights, international law, social care, reception and integration. This course, divided into 25 academic hours and 20 hours of volunteering in an ACCEM shelter, aims to promote civic reflection and train people with social sensitivity and a commitment to international issues and social justice. 

6. Religion and Philosophy

Kyoto, Japan | May 24 – June 12, 2023 

Experience the ancient city of Kyoto and explore the amazing country of Japan through the lens of religion, philosophy, art and history.  This 3-credit course is a thematic study of religion in Japan through the arts. It analyzes the specificity of the Japanese religious landscape over the centuries, a combination of Shinto, a non-visual indigenous animist belief, with Buddhism, a new religion introduced in the 6th Century, which allowed Japan to develop a unique polytheistic culture. In addition, two lectures will examine the role that Christianity and Confucianism played in Japan. Through lectures, students learn how the two main beliefs co-existed and evolved over the centuries while developing their own distinct pantheon, folklore and traditions. 

7. Business in Lisbon: Corporate Negotiation and Influence

Lisbon, Portugal | June 9 – June 23, 2023 

Experience the amazing city of Lisbon and take classes at the AACSB University of Lisbon Business Institute. Students can select studies in the innovative field of Corporate Negotiation, joining a group of diverse students from all over the world. The main purpose of this course is to enable students to better understand and use negotiation and influence to achieve goals in corporate contexts. At the end of the course, the participants will manage the concepts and basic elements of negotiation and influence in intra-organizational and inter-organizational contexts and identify and know how to manage the negotiation steps in a win-win perspective.  

Access incredible study abroad programs like these hidden gems in 2023.

Are you ready to make this summer one you’ll never forget? If these intriguing options don’t quite fit into your personal journey, don’t worry – AIFS Abroad offers a huge variety of study abroad and internship programs in exciting locations across the world. 

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