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10 Holiday Gifts for Interns Abroad in 2024 

by AIFS Abroad
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Do you know someone who is interning abroad in 2024? AIFS Abroad has narrowed down some ideas for gifts that are perfect for international interns. You can knock out your holiday shopping and help them during their global adventure! 

Here are our picks for the top 10 best gifts for interns abroad in 2024:

1. Travel Journal So They Can Record Their Journey

While interning abroad, your loved one will experience so many things! While they’ll have their phones to capture every second of it, a travel journal will help them commit every thought and feeling they have to memory. Doodles, quotes, or meaningful journal entries, this gift will not only be useful to them during their experience, but for years to come. Every time they pick it up, they will be reminded of the professional and personal growth they experienced during their international internship. 

2. Mini Portable Photo Printer Instantly Prints Memories 

A wonderful thing about interning abroad in 2024 is that your loved one will have SO many pictures from it that will live forever in the cloud. But there’s something about being able to hold a physical copy of those memories. This mini portable photo printer can print photos instantly after a memorable moment happens and give it to their fellow interns or use it to decorate the cubicle at their office.

3. Daypack Perfect for Weekend Trips 

You can’t expect a future intern abroad to drag their suitcases around during their commute, can you? Having a daypack that’s small enough to fit in luggage, but spacious enough for weekend essentials will definitely come in handy for exploring both their host cities and any out-of-town excursions. This one is water resistant (perfect for interns in rainier locations) and only half the weight of an iPhone!

4. Water Bottle That’s Collapsible and Reusable 

Sustainability is important to us at AIFS Abroad, and we encourage our interns to try their best to leave small footprints during their international stay. Of the many sustainable gifts you can give 2024 interns, a reusable water bottle is a great way to do this — but they can be a bit bulky to pack. So, we recommend this collapsable water bottle that can easily fit in any bag or suitcase.

5. Super Comfy and Versatile Travel Pillow 

It takes a seasoned traveler to learn to be able to get a good sleep on an international flight or long train ride, and most would agree that a good pillow is the key. This neck pillow is designed for versatility and can be twisted to support your head, neck, shoulders or spine. Plus, as flights can sometimes be cold, it can double as a scarf. 

6. Cute and Essential Mini First Aid Kit  

Safety first! While interning abroad, your loved one will go on so many adventures that will change their lives forever. But whether their zip-lining through the rainforest canopies of Costa Rica, or hiking the Algarve beaches in Portugal, you’re going to want them to stay safe on their journeys. This mini-first aid kit may be travel sized, but it has all the essentials they’ll need to handle any scenario. 

7. Universal Power Adapter 

The shocking truth about traveling abroad is that the shapes and wattage levels of power outlets can vary by country. This means not all of your future intern’s electronics will fit in the sockets, but you can give them the gift to literally power their journey! We recommend this worldwide adapter with plugs that cover over 150 countries. 

8. Mini Portable Charger 

Though your future intern can likely keep a charger at the office, what if they need a charge on the go? Interning abroad in 2024 requires a phone with a lot of juice. Whether they are navigating a new city, listening to their favorite travel playlists, video calling their friends back home on WhatsApp or FaceTime, or of course snapping pics to document their adventures, that battery is going to be put to work. This portable charger is around the size of a stick of lip balm so they can easily slip in their pocket or carry-on. And it’s fast charging so they can get back to their journey in a jiffy!

9. Gift Cards 

This may seem impersonal but trust us when we say interns will be grateful to receive a gift card, especially while abroad. These can be an Uber or Lyft gift card that can zip them across town to the office during a home game at Camp Nou in Barcelona, an Airbnb gift card so they can spend a night in the English countryside, or even one from any fast-food restaurant for their lunch break. For interns, gifts like these are versatile and incredibly useful!

10. Compression Cubes for More Luggage Space 

Packing is pretty much an artform, but there are ways to do it that will make your future intern look like a master. One of them is to purchase compression cubes for them. These don’t require a vacuum or pump, they’re perfect for packing for the trip home. And because they have extra space, there might be a souvenir in it for you! 

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