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A Day in the Life of an Intern in London

by AIFS Abroad

Internships abroad are a fantastic way to prepare for a professional career—and garner valuable contacts and experience. Plus, adding international skills and work history to your CV through an overseas internship is an excellent way to set yourself apart in pursuit of the career of your dreams.

If you are considering an international college internship, the following interview with Ben Atzmon about his experience as a human resources intern in London should provide great insight as you prepare for your own academic and professional future:

What were your responsibilities during the internship?

As a Human Resources Intern, I was exposed to the role of a Human Resources Administrator and was involved in the following responsibilities: assisting in the preparation of data relating hours worked by employees, using the Human Resources network system (Cascade) to record staff absences and training, assisting with the drafting of contract amendment letters, assisting with the filing and management of HR file systems, assisting in the preparation of recruitment shortlisting, and also completing various monthly, quarterly, and annual Human Resources reports.

A Day in the Life of a Human Resources Intern in London | AIFS Study AbroadWhat new knowledge and skills did you gain or develop?

Throughout my internship, I learned a great deal of practical skills that will definitely support my future career as a Human Resources Administrator. Not only was I given independent work, but also able to gain insight into how decision making and other administrative processes shaped the company via the Human Resources Department. Drafting professionally written letters, enhancing soft skills like diplomacy and judgment, and working towards a goal while managing priorities and time in an effective manner, are all things I could say I have truly developed over the course of my internship.

Has the internship influenced your future career choices?

I am confident that Human Resources Management is the career I want to go into after completing this internship. Not only have I developed a sincere passion for human research and human development, but I have also gained respect for all of the simplest of tasks that make an organization run. Throughout the internship, I feel that I have learned to respect this supportive role that the Human Resources Department plays in any organization, and I definitely see myself working within a Human Resources Department in the future.

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