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How Not to Go Broke During a Weekend Trip Abroad

by Katherine Canan
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I recently traveled to Barcelona, Spain for the weekend and had the time of my life. I highly recommend visiting there if you can!

Although I returned with a lighter wallet, there were some tips and perks I discovered along the way.

1. Do Accommodation Research

Use websites like HostelWorld to find the highest rated hostels at your weekend destination. Check your chosen hostel’s website to see what amenities they offer. A lot of hostels charge for essentials like towels or hairdryers, so make sure to read up before you go!

2. Bring Your ID to Maximize Student Deals

There are lots of discounts available across Europe for students. Our Charles University IDs got us into the Picasso Museum free of charge. Many attractions also offer student admission fees as well. Always ask!

3. Prioritize What’s Worth Your Time

You are able to see lots of attractions without actually going inside. Because we were time crunched, we stopped at Sagrada Familia and Parc Güell for about half an hour each and still felt like we got to see it all.

4. Set a Food Budget

Many countries on the euro are expensive, so budget accordingly You may want to budget for about 15-20 euro for each sit-down meal.

5. Review Transportation Options

We paid 27 euro for a 4-day unlimited metro pass in Barcelona and it got us everywhere we needed to go. The airport is located on the metro line. It was pretty far from the city center, so a taxi or Uber would’ve easily cost that on its own.

6. Embrace Your Inner Tourist

Consider buying a tour bus pass. These bus companies are made for tourists and will take you to all of the important sights. The nice thing is that you can get off and on whenever you’d like. The weather was perfect when we visited Barcelona, so we enjoyed sitting up top and taking in all of the beautiful views.

7. Purchase Tickets or Passes in Advance

If there’s something you really want to see, plan ahead. Even though it isn’t peak tourist season, the weekends are still a very busy time for attractions. Buy the ticket online ahead to avoid the lines or the possibility of it selling out.

After all, you didn’t come to Europe to sit inside all day. Spend the extra dollar (well, Euro) on the things that are really worth it to you. When will you get to do this again?

 This post was contributed by Katherine Canan, who is spending her study abroad experience with AIFS in Prague, Czech Republic.

How Not to Go Broke During a Weekend Trip Abroad | AIFS Study Abroad
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