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The Best of Borough Market

by AIFS Abroad
borough market in london, england

Borough Market in London holds many great restaurants and market stalls to thrill the senses.

Here is a brief list detailing some of my favorite places to grab a bite in Borough Market, London’s foodie haven.

1. Arabica Bar & Kitchen

Arabica offers dishes with a variety of spices, dips, and salads to accompany its full plates, while also offering take away kebabs in the stall in front of the restaurant.

2. Bread Ahead

Bread Ahead is known for its insane doughnuts, but also offers breadsticks and other fresh pastry for an all-day treat.

3. Monmouth Coffee

This coffee is well worth the wait in the queue. Baristas at Monmouth serve the perfect cup of joe, which can be accompanied by pastries.

4. Roast

This restaurant, located in the Floral Hall, offers the best view of Borough Market and possibly the best roast dinner in London. This is a great place to enjoy a hearty meal, while people watching with St. Paul’s Cathedral in the near distance.

5. Brindisa

Brindisa is a small store selling a mix of Spanish foods. I recommend their grilled chorizo sandwiches, which packs a bit of spice in each bite.

The Best of Borough Market | AIFS Study Abroad

6. The Rake

This pub is known better for its craft beer than its food, but it offers amazing Scotch Eggs.

7. Gujarati Rasoi

This market stall offers great options for vegetarians. Traditional Indian dishes are full of flavor at Gujarati Rasoi. My personal favorite is the curried cauliflower.

8. Kappacasein

Kappacasein rose to viral video fame on Facebook for its grilled cheese sandwich. The stand offers a great cheese toastie as well as racellette, which is served over potatoes.

9. Comptoir Gourmand

Borough Market offers an abundance of bakeries, but the chocolate chip cookies at Comptoir Gourmand cannot be beat. The long queue is worth the face-sized cookies and macaroons available here.

10. Black & Blue

Black & Blue is renowned for its amazing steaks. The sit-down restaurant has its own butchers, ensuring some of the greatest steaks and burgers you will find in the city. If you want to treat yourself to a nice steak and glass of wine, there is no finer place to dine than Black & Blue.

This post was contributed by Madeiline Tiscareno, an AIFS Alumni Ambassador who studied and interned abroad with AIFS in London, England.

The Best of Borough Market | AIFS Study Abroad
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