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5 Adventures to Put on Your Perth, Australia Checklist

by AIFS Abroad
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While you study abroad in Perth, make sure you check these adventures off your “must-see” bucket list:

1. Watch the Sunset at Cottesloe Beach

The sunniest city in Australia attracts tons of tourists each year with its pure, white sand beaches and turquoise water. 

Though spending a day at the beach is an obvious must while in town, make sure you spend at least one night at Cottesloe beach, too. Watching the sun set over the Indian Ocean’s clear blue waves is one view you’ll never forget.

2. Snap a Quokka Selfie

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The quokka, a friendly marsupial/ Instagram sensation, is found only in Western Australia. Sometimes called “the happiest animal in the world,” the quokka is famous for posing with an adorable smile for the camera. That makes your time in Perth the perfect opportunity to snap a selfie with one of these trusting creatures. 

3. Explore King’s Park and Botanic Garden

Did you know that Perth is home to one of the world’s largest (and most beautiful) inner city parks? 

King’s Park is about 1,000 acres of Aboriginal and European history, contemporary culture, and protected bushland. The park’s spectacular Botanic Garden also displays more than 3,000 species of unique Western Australian flora.

4. Day Trip to Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island is only 12 miles from Perth and has over 60 beaches rich with coral reefs and tropical fish. This makes Rottnest Island the perfect place to go snorkeling.

There are essentially no cars on Rottnest, though, so the best way to get around is by bike. With about 14 miles of suggested cycle trails, a complete bike tour around the island is both fun and possible in one day.  

5. Visit Swan Valley Vineyards

Twenty-five minutes from Perth, Swan Valley is the oldest wine region in Australia. This beloved region is a necessary stop for Perth visitors and residents alike.

You don’t have to be a wine lover to love Swan Valley, though. Besides the 40 vineyards that Swan Valley is home to, there are other attractions, such as a chocolate factory and a native animal park, worth stopping at too. 

Ready to check these spots off your Perth, Australia “Must See” list?  Consider studying abroad in Perth with AIFS!

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