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Intern Abroad this Spring: 3 Exciting Non-European Locations

by AIFS Abroad
San José, Costa Rica; Statue of Liberty, New York City, USA; Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia

When people think about interning (or studying!) overseas, the destinations that often come to mind right away are popular metropolitan cities in Europe. But the reality is that there are many destinations outside Europe that are perfect for an intern abroad experience, particularly during the spring semester!

This spring, consider being an intern abroad in one of these exciting non-European destinations:

Young woman looking at environment and volcano in Costa Rica
Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica

Intern Abroad in Costa Rica

Costa Rica will take your breath away! As one of the world’s most biodiverse places, it’s the ideal destination for anyone interested in Latin American culture, wildlife, sustainability, and beyond.

San José 

Teatro Nacional de Costa Rica - National Theater of Costa Rica in San José

Not only is San José the largest city in Costa Rica, but it’s also its capital and the country’s business center. Considered the gateway to both the Caribbean and Pacific coasts, it’s surrounded by biodiverse rainforests and stunning mountains. Doing an international internship in San José will help you gain valuable professional experience! Internship placements are available in a wide variety of career fields, including NGO/non-profit, education, business, environmental sciences, and more.

❇️ Study abroad programs are also available in San José this spring. 

William shares his international internship experience in San José, Costa Rica
Two people sitting on the water looking at the Sydney Opera House in Australia
Sydney Harbor and Opera House in Australia

Intern Abroad in Australia

Pursing an international internship in Australia is the ideal way to enhance your professional skills, all while experiencing the country’s open and friendly culture. 


Sydney Opera House in Australia

With a robust tourism industry and lots to explore, Sydney is a fantastic location for students and young professionals looking to intern abroad. Being the financial and economic center of the country means that full-time internship opportunities are plentiful in Sydney. Some of our most popular internship placements are in career fields like business, real estate, arts, banking, education, politics, and law. 

❇️ Study abroad programs are also available this spring in Sydney. 

Carly shares her international internship experience in Sydney, Australia
AIFS Abroad internship program participant overlooking New York City
AIFS Abroad intern in New York City, USA

Intern in the United States 

If you want to build your professional network and gain hands-on experience, why not intern in one of the world’s most dynamic and bustling places? AIFS Abroad offers full time internship programs in New York City — talk about the ideal place to launch your career!

New York City 

New York City

Fall in love with the magic of and grit of New York City! See for yourself why it’s considered the world’s greatest city. As a fast-paced city with seemingly endless sites to put on your bucket list, you can find an internship placement in almost every career field.

Ready for a big adventure?

Whether you want to intern abroad in a country that’s inside or outside of Europe, AIFS Abroad offers a huge range of international internship programs around the world this spring semester and beyond.  

Intern Abroad this Spring: 3 Unique Locations Beyond Europe
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