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Top Places to Intern Abroad in Europe this Spring

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AIFS Abroad student in Florence, Italy

Getting to experience life in Europe can feel like like the ultimate dream for many young people in the U.S., and it’s no wonder why. With approximately 50 countries, each with its own incredible history and vibe, Europe is the perfect place to satisfy your wanderlust cravings. The best part? You can easily hop from one country to another and tick a bunch of must-visit spots off your bucket list — perfect for travel enthusiasts! On top of that, many countries in Europe also offer exciting opportunities for young professionals to intern abroad, especially in the spring.

This spring semester, you can intern abroad in Europe in these exciting locations:

Student Q&A: Studying Abroad in Prague | AIFS Study Abroad
AIFS Abroad students in Prague, Czech Republic

Intern Abroad in Czech Republic 

The Czech Republic has seen a major surge in popularity, with Prague one of the most visited cities of the world with 6 to 8 million visitors per year. With AIFS Abroad, you can intern abroad there this spring semester and experience the history and culture of Prague.


No matter what you’re interested in, Prague can accommodate interns from a wide variety of career fields. As a global center of industries like finance, fashion, technology, marketing, and media, Prague has incredible internship opportunities. Centrally located in Europe, it’s easy to access both popular Western European destinations and other locations within Central Europe. There will always be something for you to do and see during your internship in Prague!

❇️ Study abroad programs are also available in Prague this spring. 

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AIFS Abroad students at Buckingham Palace in London, England

Intern Abroad in England

England’s global influence, thriving industries, and access to a vast network of professionals provide unparalleled opportunities for career development and networking. Moreover, the country’s vibrant arts scene, historic landmarks, and charming traditions offer a unique backdrop for personal enrichment and memorable experiences. Whether you’re seeking internships in finance, technology, or the arts, or aiming to broaden your academic horizons at esteemed universities, England offers a remarkable platform for growth, learning, and embracing the best of British culture.

J. shares his spring semester international internship in London, England


With rich history, iconic architecture, one-of-a-kind markets, and so much more, London is one of the most diverse and multicultural hubs in all of Europe. It’s the perfect city for people who enjoy limitless options of things to do and places to go. As a global center of industries like finance, fashion, hospitality, marketing, and media, London has something for anyone seeking an international internship there.

❇️ Study abroad programs are also available this spring in London. 

AIFS Abroad student in Paris, France
AIFS Abroad student in Paris, France

Intern Abroad in France 

French culture, landscapes, and way of life has a way of stealing your heart. This spring semester, intern abroad with AIFS in France and experience the cuisine, fashion, history, and elegance that makes the country so enamoring.

Why intern abroad in Paris, France?


Can you picture it? Iconic landmarks like the Sacré-Coeur and the Eiffel Tower, the Michelin Star restaurants, the sparkle of beauty and mysterious elegance — they all make Paris a stellar destination for new and seasoned travelers. With so much to do at your fingertips, Paris is a picture-perfect location for interns who want to stay put in one location but live in a big metropolitan hub that can open up access to other destinations in Europe. As a major European capital, international internship placements can be in a variety of career fields, like fashion, international business, and marketing.

❇️ Study abroad programs are also available in Paris this Spring.

AIFS Abroad student in Berlin, Germany
AIFS Abroad students in Berlin, Germany

Intern Abroad in Germany 

Embark on a journey through Germany’s scenic landscapes, comforting cuisine, and riveting history. As a leader in business, engineering and academics, Germany is a fantastic destination for interning abroad.  


Experience the buzz of one of Europe’s most cutting-edge cities – Berlin! With a thriving arts and music scene, highly efficient public transport system, and tons of historical sites to visit, Berlin is sure to inspire you. In recent years, Berlin’s economy and workforce has been booming. The city is a hub for the business, marketing, startup, technology, media, and logistics industries (and so much more!), making it a top destination for an international internship. Interning in Berlin is a great way to gain practical professional skills and work experience — all while enjoying the captivating spirit of Germany, its people, and its culture.

❇️ Study abroad programs are also available in Berlin this spring. 

AIFS Abroad students in Ireland
AIFS Abroad students in Ireland

Intern Abroad in Ireland 

With its lush landscapes and welcoming culture, Ireland is the perfect location for interning abroad. Here’s another bonus: when you intern abroad here during your spring semester, you get to experience St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland, where it’s a National Holiday filled with parades, festivals, and celebrations. 


Dublin, Ireland | AIFS Study Abroad

As the economic and cultural center of Ireland, Dublin is a terrific place to pursue an international internship. An international city with people from all over the world, it features many large multinational companies — perfect for internship opportunities in a variety of fields, like entrepreneurship, marketing, non-profits, and law. Whether you’re a new or seasoned traveler, Dublin is an ideal place to spend your spring— you’ll have easy access to the rest of Ireland and other parts of Europe.

❇️ Study abroad programs are also available in Dublin this spring. 

Why intern abroad in Dublin, Ireland?


Galway, Ireland
Galway, Ireland

Ah, Galway. As quaint as quaint can be, Galway offers its visitors the opportunity to wander down medieval streets while experiencing a healthy blend of traditional and contemporary surroundings. Internships in Galway are great for young professionals looking for an English-speaking location in an international destination. The city offers placements in a variety of career fields, such as Marketing, Bioengineering, Social Services, Law, Psychology, and Hospitality, among many others

AIFS Abroad students in Florence, Italy
AIFS Abroad students in Florence, Italy

Intern Abroad in Italy 

Love history, art, culture, fashion and food? Intern abroad in Italy, a top visited country in Europe, this spring! From getting up close and personal with masterpieces from world-renowned artists in museums to sampling authentic gelato while relaxing in a dreamy piazza, there are so many exciting things to do. And when you intern abroad in Italy with AIFS Abroad, you can experience Italian culture firsthand. 


"[Top 5 things I learned studying abroad in Florence]" AIFS Study Abroad, Customized, Faculty Led Programs]

Florence is absolutely mesmerizing with its iconic Renaissance masterpieces, architecture and sunsets along the Arno River. Take a peak inside the Italian lifestyle when you immerse yourself in the passion and historical brilliance of the city with an international internship in Florence, Italy! It offers unparalleled opportunities in fashion, business, and so much more.

❇️ Study abroad programs are also available in Florence this spring.

Lindsay shares her spring semester fashion international internship in Florence, Italy


Trevi Fountain | 6 Reasons to Study Abroad in Rome, Italy

Rome is one of Europe’s most populous cities and the capital of Italy. Its history is vast, and apparent to all those who visit. Many of the country’s largest corporations and organizations have their headquarters here. Its start-up scene is also thriving. If you dream of interning in metropolitan hub, you’re in luck — placement opportunities are plentiful and in a variety of industries such as Business, Marketing, Fashion, Communication, Architecture, and more!

❇️ Study abroad programs are also available in Rome this spring. 


Piazza del Duomo, Milan, Italy

Looking for a spring semester internship in a fast-paced, thriving environment? Look no further than Milan. Interning abroad in Milan is a way to make your resumé stand out, gain valuable work experience, and experience a new culture. While the city is known as “The Fashion Capital of the World” and is certainly one of our best locations for fashion internships, this bustling Italian city has a ton to offer outside of that industry. As a driving force of business, finance, marketing, tourism, and design, Milan is a place where ideas are cultivated and trends are created.

❇️ Study abroad programs are also available in Milan this spring.

Why intern abroad in Milan, Italy?
AIFS Abroad student studying abroad in Lisbon, Portugal
AIFS Abroad student in Lisbon, Portugal

Intern Abroad in Portugal 

With its captivating blend of rich history, stunning landscapes, and warm hospitality, Portugal offers a unique platform for professional growth and cultural immersion. Its booming tech scene, burgeoning startup culture, and flourishing industries provide unparalleled opportunities for internship programs and career development. Explore a country that seamlessly combines tradition and innovation when you intern abroad in Portugal this spring semester!


Lisbon, Portugal

Nestled along the picturesque Tagus River, Lisbon seamlessly combines its rich architectural heritage with a modern entrepreneurial spirit. Interning in Lisbon provides a gateway to a flourishing startup ecosystem, creative industries, and emerging fields. With AIFS Abroad, you’ll find exciting international internship program opportunities in career fields like international business, marketing, social media, communications, graphic design, and IT. Moreover, the city’s lively arts scene, vibrant music festivals, and mouthwatering culinary delights create a unique backdrop for cultural immersion and inspiration. When you intern abroad in Lisbon this spring, you’ll broaden your horizons, forge meaningful connections, and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery.

❇️ Study abroad programs are also available in Lisbon. 

Intern Abroad in Scotland 

There’s a certain rugged warmth to the landscapes and culture in Scotland. This country in Europe truly has so much to offer those who want to intern abroad in the spring. Whether it’s exploring ancient castles, participating in groundbreaking research, or immersing oneself in the vibrant music and arts scene, it’s a place where people can have a transformative experience — and where interns can develop their skills, broaden their horizons, and create lasting memories.


Edinburgh, Scotland | AIFS Study Abroad

Interning in Edinburgh opens doors to a thriving creative industry, dynamic tech sector, and renowned research opportunities. On top of that, the city’s has a thriving arts festivals, historic landmarks, and welcoming atmosphere that foster a deep sense of cultural immersion and exploration. From strolling along the Royal Mile to hiking up Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh offers a captivating environment for expanding horizons, connecting with other professionals in your field, and embarking on a journey of professional and personal development. At AIFS Abroad, international internship programs are offered in career fields like Business, Marketing, Tech and IT, Engineering, Tourism, and so much more.

AIFS Abroad students in Madrid, Spain
AIFS Abroad students in Madrid, Spain

Intern Abroad in Spain 

If you want to spend this spring in Europe, intern abroad in Spain! You’ll experience the spectacular and diverse culture of this vibrant country for yourself. AIFS Abroad offers spring semester international internship programs in a few Spanish cities. Explore this Western European country’s complex cultural heritage, whether you choose to intern abroad in bustling Barcelona or magnificent Madrid. 


5 Things That Make Barcelona a Dream Destination for Art and Architecture Lovers | Casa Batlló | AIFS in Barcelona, Spain

Want to live and work in a bustling metropolitan city by the water? Intern abroad in Barcelona this spring semester to enjoy a mix of Gothic cathedrals, avant-garde art, and a stunning Mediterranean seafront. With thousands of businesses, NGOs, and agencies both big and small, Barcelona is a dream city for those looking to strengthen their knowledge in a variety of career fields like public relations and marketing, tourism and events, finance, and business.

❇️ Study abroad programs are also available in Barcelona this spring.

Why intern abroad in Barcelona, Spain?


Gran Via, Madrid, Spain | AIFS Study Abroad

Spain’s capital city of Madrid is truly a blend of the old and new, with ornate royal palaces and medieval mansions featured alongside modern architectural marvels. You’ll love trying traditional Spanish culinary staples that have endured for generations, or be tempted by the new cuisine of Spain’s current food revolution. With a variety of industries finding home in the city, it’s no surprise that there is an abundance of professional opportunities in Madrid for aspiring internship program participants. Some popular career fields include, but aren’t limited to, Business, Communications, Accounting, Fashion, Journalism, Video Production, Marketing, and more.

❇️ Study abroad programs are also available in Madrid this spring. 

Ready for your European adventure abroad this spring?

AIFS Abroad offers a huge range of international internship programs in Europe this spring semester and beyond.  

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