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5 Reasons Why Prague is Awesome for College Students

by AIFS Abroad
Prague, Czech Republic

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Prague is one of the most underrated study abroad destinations. If you’re looking for a European city that offers excitement while still exuding quaint, sophisticated charm, look no further than this dynamic Czech city. Prague combines vibrant nightlife and entertainment with historic cobbled streets, alluring cafés, and looming steeples that look straight out of a storybook. 

Here are 5 reasons why you’ll love exploring Prague in college:

1. It’s a mecca for art and architecture.

It turns out that the nickname “City of a Hundred Spires” is actually a bit modest – there are actually closer to 1,000 steeples and spires throughout Prague. You’ll be surrounded by stunning sights with origins that span centuries when you visit Prague. Baroque and Gothic architecture can be spotted throughout the city, from the Charles Bridge and Týn Church to the St. Vitus Cathedral.  

Prague’s famous John Lennon Wall is another must-see. People from around the world visit this public art display to pay tribute to Lennon and add their own messages of peace to the wall. 

5 Reasons Why Prague is Awesome for College Students | AIFS Study Abroad
John Lennon Wall

2. It’s pretty affordable for a European city. 

You don’t need to go Baroque to have a fantastic time here! Prague is consistently rated one of the most affordable cities in Europe for college students. Compared to other major European cities, Prague offers generally less expensive options for food, drink, and entertainment – without sacrificing quality. 

Bonus: College students can get discounts at many places in Prague! 

3. Prague can feel like stepping back in time. 

Many buildings in Prague have graced the city for centuries and remain well-preserved. Unlike other European cities, Prague wasn’t as heavily bombed during the World Wars. From the Prague Castle (founded in the 800s) to Prague’s Old Town (created in the 13th century), traces of the region’s past can be found throughout the city.  

Visiting Prague can also be an educational opportunity for college students to examine the area’s darker history. Studying abroad gives you the unique chance to see the impact of Communism on the city and on Central Europe. You may even have the opportunity to speak first-hand to older generations who lived through that era. 

5 Reasons Why Prague is Awesome for College Students | AIFS Study Abroad
View of Prague Castle

4. There’s plenty of sights to Czech out. 

From beer gardens to world-class museums, there are lots of exciting things to do in Prague. The city has a thriving student culture and many local attractions offer student discounts. And Prague’s clean and dependable public transportation makes it easy to explore everything the city has to offer.  

For some fun, touristy shopping, you’ll want to head to Prague’s Old Town. This part of the city is packed with traditional, charming little shops. You can easily make a full day out of browsing all of the locally made trinkets, gifts, and antiques supplied throughout the shops.  

5. It’s located in the heart of Europe. 

Prague’s central location makes weekend trips a breeze. In a few short hours, you can take a train or bus and explore places like Vienna, Dresden, or Bohemian Switzerland National Park. Are you considering interning while in Prague? With economic ties to both Western and Eastern Europe, Prague is a fantastic city for college students to finesse their résumé while working side by side with locals and gaining a deeper understanding of Central European culture 

See why Prague is an awesome destination for yourself!

Discover how you can have the adventure of a lifetime in Prague with AIFS Abroad. 

5 Reasons Why Prague is Awesome for College Students | AIFS Study Abroad
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