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20 Places to Study Abroad in Europe this Spring

by AIFS Abroad
Study Abroad in Europe this Spring Semester - AIFS Abroad

Europe is one of the most popular spring study abroad destinations for U.S. college students – and it’s easy to see why. Comprised of approximately 50 countries – each with their own unique history and culture – Europe is the perfect hub for those with a strong case of wanderlust. The proximity of so many countries and cultures makes it convenient to cross multiple places off your bucket list. 

This spring semester, you can study abroad in Europe in these exciting locations: 

Springtime in Salzburg: 4 Activities You Can't Miss | AIFS Study Abroad | AIFS in Salzburg, Austria
AIFS Abroad Students in Salzburg, Austria

Study Abroad in Austria 

Austria, a peaceful democracy with cultural and economic ties to eastern and western Europe, is an underrated study abroad program destination. Learn about the history, culture, and natural beauty of Austria while studying abroad with AIFS during your spring semester. The Alps are right at your doorstep for outdoor adventures, and you can get inspired by great composers who once called Austria home (like Mozart, Haydn, and Strauss, to name a few).  


Aerial view of Salzburg, Austria

Spend your spring semester in the charming city of Salzburg, Austria! Courses available span a range of fascinating subjects, including international relations, business and economics, arts and humanities and German language. Interested in a study abroad destination that offers plenty of outdoor activities? The scenic mountains, meadows, and lakes of the Austrian Alps are easily accessible from Salzburg. 

Student Q&A: Studying Abroad in Prague | AIFS Study Abroad
AIFS Abroad students in Prague, Czech Republic

Study Abroad in Czech Republic 

Since the fall of the Iron Curtain, the Czech Republic has enjoyed a huge surge in popularity. With AIFS, you can study or intern abroad this spring semester and explore the riveting history and culture of Prague and the surrounding regions of Bohemia and Moravia. 


Get inspired this spring in Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic. Walk in the footsteps of creative masterminds such as Franz Kafka and Mozart and take in the Gothic and Baroque architecture surrounding central Prague’s cobblestone streets. AIFS Abroad offers program options at two leading universities in Prague: Charles University and the University of Economics (VŠE).

❇️ Internship and volunteer opportunities are also available this spring in Prague. 

5 Things I Regret Doing Before Leaving to Study Abroad | AIFS Study Abroad
AIFS Abroad students at Buckingham Palace in London, England

Study Abroad in England 

From its vibrant cities to its charming countryside, England has something for just about everyone. When you study abroad in England, you can experience centuries of history and culture in a whole new way. Whether you’re visiting world-class museums in London, exploring Stonehenge and medieval castles, or taking in the lively theater or sports scene, you can take your time to discover the aspect of English culture that speaks to you. 


Embrace British culture this spring and study abroad in London, one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. Whether you are interested in the arts, theater, fashion, film, or business, London has everything you could dream of for an amazing semester abroad. Students studying abroad in London in the spring can choose from a wide variety of courses offered at the AIFS Global Education Center – London and the University of Westminster, or study fashion at the University of the Arts London (UAL).

❇️ Internship opportunities are also available this spring in London. 

Want to experience the Cannes Film Festival as a college student? Study abroad with AIFS in Cannes, France!
AIFS Abroad students interning at the Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France

Study Abroad in France 

France has a way of stealing your heart, whether you’re studying abroad in its bustling, dreamy capital city, the star-studded French Riveria, or the picturesque Alps. This spring semester, study abroad with AIFS in France and experience the cuisine, fashion, history, and elegance that makes French culture so alluring.


There’s something extra-magical about the ‘City of Lights’ in the springtime: café terraces bustle with fresh energy, foliage perfectly frames the Eiffel Tower, and Monet’s gardens bloom nearby in Giverny. When you study abroad in Paris this spring with AIFS, you can choose from dynamic course options at three leading universities. Take courses on French language and culture at the prestigious Cours de Civilisation Française de la Sorbonne or the Institut de Langue et de Culture Françaises, or study business, marketing, and economics at the American Business School of Paris. 

❇️ Internship opportunities are also available this spring in Paris. 


Cannes Calling: How to Explore the French Riviera | AIFS Study Abroad

There’s a magic to life on the French Riviera — it’s regarded as one of the most stunning places in Europe! When you study abroad this spring in Cannes, you can begin or strengthen your French language skills and take seminars on French culture. Students choosing the Spring Extended Semester program have the unique opportunity to complete a Cannes Film Festival internship.  


Located in southeastern France at the foot of the Alps, Grenoble is small enough to feel like a town yet large enough to feature many of the amenities of a big city. Those studying abroad in Grenoble this spring can take courses on French language and culture at the Université Grenoble Alpes or take business courses at Grenoble École de Management (Grenoble Business School).  

AIFS Abroad students in Berlin, Germany at Freie Universität Berlin.
AIFS Abroad students in Berlin, Germany

Study Abroad in Germany 

Embark on a journey through Germany’s scenic landscapes, comforting cuisine, and riveting history. As a leader in business, engineering and academics, Germany is an ideal destination for studying or interning abroad.  


Experience the buzz of one of Europe’s most cutting-edge cities – Berlin! With a thriving arts and music scene, highly efficient public transport system, and tons of historical sites to visit, Berlin is sure to inspire you. This spring, students studying abroad in Berlin can choose from a variety of course options offered at Freie Universität Berlin (FU Berlin).  

❇️ Internship opportunities are also available in Berlin this spring. 

Study Abroad in Greece 

AIFS Study Abroad student in Athens, Greece
AIFS Abroad student in Athens, Greece

Looking to study abroad in Europe this spring in a place with incredible history? Choose Greece to have the unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Greek culture and explore all things ancient. As the birthplace of democracy and the Olympics, Greece is an amazing location for students looking to study abroad while enjoying the idyllic Mediterranean climate. From exploring breathtaking islands to visiting ancient ruins, there is no shortage of things to see and do (and eat!) while in Greece. 


10 Fun Facts About Athens, Greece that You Might Not Know | AIFS Study Abroad

Do you like having a lot of options? If so, you’re in luck – students studying abroad in Athens can choose from over a thousand courses offered at the American College of Greece. Course options span a wide range of subject fields and appeal to a variety of majors and interests. With historic sites like the Parthenon, cobbled streets of Plaka, and ancient churches alongside stylish shops, eclectic art galleries, and vibrant clubs, Athens offers the best of both the old and the new world. 

AIFS Abroad student in Budapest, Hungary during her study abroad semester
AIFS Abroad student in Budapest, Hungary

Study Abroad in Hungary 

Located at the heart of Europe, Hungary is an increasingly popular destination for students studying abroad. Students studying abroad in Hungary this spring can feast their eyes on eclectic architecture, visit bathhouses dating back to the Turkish occupation, and sample hearty and comforting Hungarian food. Plus, its central location in Europe makes it easy to take day trips and weekend excursions to other exciting countries on the continent.


Parliament, Budapest, Hungary | 13 Inspiring Places to Study Abroad as an Art History Major | AIFS Study Abroad

Budapest is filled with architectural treasures ranging from Roman and Turkish ruins to Renaissance and Art Nouveau buildings. Choose from a variety of course options at Corvinus University when you study abroad in Budapest this spring. This leading Hungarian university is centrally located in Pest along the Danube River near the Great Market Hall, the oldest and largest indoor market in the city.

AIFS Abroad students in Ireland
AIFS Abroad students in Ireland

Study Abroad in Ireland 

With its dramatic landscapes and captivating cultural heritage, Ireland is the perfect location for studying abroad. Here’s another bonus: when you study abroad here during your spring semester, you get to experience St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland, where it’s a National Holiday filled with parades, festivals, and celebrations. 

❇️ Internship opportunities are also available in Ireland this spring. 


Dublin, Ireland | AIFS Study Abroad

As the economic and cultural center of Ireland, Dublin is a terrific place to learn about Irish history and culture. Study abroad in Dublin this spring semester and choose from a wide variety of courses (subject to prerequisites). You can take courses from 5 different academic streams alongside local students at Dublin City University. 


This spring semester, study abroad in Limerick, Ireland’s third largest city! You can choose from a range of courses offered at the University of Limerick alongside local students and other international students. Located near the banks of the River Shannon, the campus features technologically advanced facilities and a sports arena. There are academic options for every interest: from classes on Irish language and folklore, to STEM courses and AACSB accredited business courses. 


st patrick's college maynooth ireland study abroad travel

Discover the charms of Maynooth, a beautiful college town just 15 miles west of Dublin’s city center. Maynooth University offers a variety of courses this spring semester across the arts, engineering, humanities, mathematics, sciences and social sciences. Courses are also available in Irish language and culture.  

AIFS Abroad students in Florence, Italy
AIFS Abroad students in Florence, Italy

Study Abroad in Italy 

For history, art, culture, fashion and food lovers, Italy is the perfect place to study abroad in Europe this spring. From viewing masterpieces in museums to sampling authentic gelato while relaxing in a dreamy piazza, there are plenty of exciting things to do. And when you study abroad in Italy with AIFS Abroad, you can get a true taste of Italian culture through a range of social activities and field trips included in your program. 

❇️ Internship opportunities are also available in Italy this spring. 


Trevi Fountain | 6 Reasons to Study Abroad in Rome, Italy

There’s no place like Rome! Spend your spring semester exploring a city built on layers of history and taking courses within walking distance of sites like the Trevi Fountain and Colosseum. Located in the heart of the city, the AIFS Global Education Center in Rome offers a multitude of engaging courses taught in English. Italian language study is optional. Interested in international internships? With the Study + Internship Program, you can work side-by-side with locals at a Rome-based organization and gain professional experience in your field of interest while taking courses and earning academic credit. 


"[Top 5 things I learned studying abroad in Florence]" AIFS Study Abroad, Customized, Faculty Led Programs]

Florence is enchanting with its Renaissance masterpieces, architecture and sunsets along the Arno River. Study abroad in Florence this spring and visit museums, art galleries, churches, and theaters in and around the city. From the arts to international relations, the AIFS Global Education Center in Florence has courses available to inspire just about every major.  


Piazza del Duomo, Milan, Italy

Spend spring semester in one of Italy’s most bustling cities — Milan! A wide variety of courses are available at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, where AIFS Abroad students in Milan go to school. When you choose to study here this spring semester, you’ll receive a world-class education while living in an ancient city with a modern sense of style. Known as “The Fashion Capital of the World”, this chic and sophisticated metropolitan hub with its dynamic business culture has a little something for all students.

AIFS Abroad students in Barcelona, Spain
AIFS Abroad students in Barcelona, Spain

Study Abroad in Spain 

If you want to spend this spring in Europe, study abroad in Spain! You’ll experience the beauty and diverse culture of this vibrant country for yourself. AIFS Abroad offers spring semester programs in several locations in Spain. Explore Spain’s complex cultural heritage, whether you choose to study abroad in Granada, where the snow-capped Sierra Nevada is your backdrop, or in Valencia, near Mediterranean beaches. 


5 Things That Make Barcelona a Dream Destination for Art and Architecture Lovers | Casa Batlló | AIFS in Barcelona, Spain

Study abroad in Barcelona this spring and enjoy a mix of Gothic cathedrals, avant-garde art and a stunning Mediterranean seafront. Choose from a variety of courses offered at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB), Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF), or the Universitat de Vic, or study visual arts and design at LCI Barcelona. Spanish language courses from Beginner to Advanced are available in Barcelona. Most course options are offered in English, and no previous Spanish language study is required for most programs. 

❇️ Internship opportunities are also available in Barcelona this spring. 


5 Things that Make Granada’s Culture Unique | AIFS Study Abroad | AIFS in Granada, Spain

Nestled between the white peaks of the Sierra Nevada and the sparkling Mediterranean coastline of Costa del Sol, Granada is one-of-a-kind. Study abroad in Granada this spring and take courses on Spanish language and culture, or complete an internship in a local business, in a private hospital working with health care professionals, in an NGO, or as a student teacher in a local school. 


Gran Via, Madrid, Spain | AIFS Study Abroad

Madrid is a captivating mix of the old and the new, with royal palaces and medieval mansions featured alongside modern architectural marvels. You can savor traditional Spanish dishes that have endured for generations, or be tempted by the new cuisine of Spain’s current food revolution. Study abroad in Madrid this spring and choose from courses on Spanish language and culture, business, marketing, engineering and more. Internship opportunities are available for students with a High Intermediate level of Spanish. 

❇️ Internship opportunities are also available in Madrid this spring. 


Expectations vs. Reality: Culture Shock in Salamanca | AIFS Study Abroad

Known as the “Oxford of Spain”, the University of Salamanca attracts throngs of international and Spanish students who add to the city’s vibrancy. When you study abroad in Salamanca during your spring semester, you can take a variety of exciting courses taught in English or Spanish. A range of business courses are offered in Salamanca, as well as an optional internship course in education. Want to get a jumpstart on your language skills? An optional Early Start program focusing on Intensive Spanish Language is available. Students with a Superior level of Spanish and above can also choose an Early Start option in the spring and take courses alongside local Spanish students. 


See Spain on a Budget: 7 Affordable Attractions in Seville | AIFS Study Abroad | AIFS in Seville, Spain | Sevilla

Are you interested in experiencing the archetypal Spain of intimate flamenco venues, crowded tapas bars, and orange-tree scented squares? Study abroad in Seville this spring semester! Students with an Advanced level of Spanish and above who want to deepen their understanding of the language can take courses taught in Spanish focusing on aspects of Spanish culture. Don’t worry – you can still study abroad in Seville even if you have little to no knowledge of the Spanish language. A variety of courses taught in English are offered, including courses on Spanish culture and history, music, art history, photography, international relations and marketing.  


Valencia, Spain’s third largest city, is known for being innovative. The city combines modern architecture (like the futuristic La Ciudad de las Artes y Ciencias) with long stretches of lively beaches. And when you study abroad in Valencia this spring, you can experience the city coming alive with noise and color in Las Fallas, one of Spain’s biggest fiestas. Take a Spanish language course (available from Beginner through Advanced) alongside elective courses (taught mostly in English) from a variety of study fields including the humanities, health and natural sciences. Internship opportunities are also available. 

Ready for your European adventure abroad this spring? 

AIFS Abroad offers a huge range of study abroad programs in Europe this spring semester and beyond.  

Top Places to Study Abroad in Europe this Spring Semester
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