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5 Things to Love About Granada’s Culture

by AIFS Abroad
Granada, Spain

A medieval Spanish city located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Granada is truly one of a kind. Its contagious energy can be characterized by a combination of ancient history and a modern, upbeat, and welcoming atmosphere. Its food, art, and historic architecture are a few more elements that make the city so special. For students who want to learn more about Spanish culture, Granada is an ideal study abroad destination!

From its food to its people, here are 5 things to love about Granada’s culture:


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1. Tapas

Granada, Spain is world-famous for its tapas scene. Not only are they delicious, they’re also incredibly affordable – and a huge piece of Granada’s culture. With every drink you order, tapas come free – and are served generously. This makes it possible to enjoy a fantastic meal out for the price of just a few cheap drinks! Needless to say, Granada is extra appealing for college students studying abroad or for anyone else on a budget.

2. Flamenco

Did you know that the Flamenco originated in Spain’s Andalucía region? Because of that, it should come as no surprise that this Spanish art form is a major element of Granada’s culture. Flamenco songs and dances are performed in various spots throughout the city. The most popular spots to catch a performance though are Granada’s “Flamenco caves.”

3. Ancient History Linked with Modern Day Life

Granada’s history can be traced way back to the 4th century B.C. Although it has certainly modernized to adapt to the times, traces of Granada’s rich history can be found in many different neighborhoods. The history of Muslim presence in particular, which lasted for about 750 years, has left an especially visible footprint and is exemplified most extravagantly by the Alhambra, constructed in 889 AD.

The palace is filled with intricate artwork and tiling and includes a garden, the Generalife, that is absolutely fascinating. I spent all of our three hour tour with my eyes wide and jaw dropped. The colors and detail put into the inside of the Alhambra make it apparent why this building was nominated as a wonder of the world.

Meghan F., AIFS Abroad in Granada alum

4. Street Art

While ancient architecture tells the story of Granada’s past, vibrant street art tells the story of its present. Especially in Realejo, Granada’s former Jewish quarter, the street looks more like a gallery than a neighborhood. Local artists brightened up street corners with vibrant artwork so beautifully that Realejo is now considered to have one of the most inventive collections of art in Spain.

5. The People

Known for being extra welcoming to all visitors who come to their city, Granada’s people set the tone for the city’s culture. Its population of over 200,000 people enjoy a lot of time outdoors thanks to Granada’s climate being fairly mild year-round. With that said, they live an active lifestyle – and the energy that results from that is visible! Granada is a haven for cyclists, runners, hikers, and anyone who just loves a bit of fresh air (which is all of us, right?).

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