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5 Best Spots to See Fall Foliage in Europe

by AIFS Abroad
5 Incredible Places to Experience Fall Foliage in Europe | AIFS Study Abroad | Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany

Last Updated on June 12, 2024 by AIFS Abroad

Traveling to Europe this fall and hoping to rest your eyes on vibrant foliage?

Going abroad in the fall doesn’t mean you have to give up those magnificent mid-October colors showcased throughout the USA. In fact, many European locations are known for some of the best foliage in the world – and give New England a run for its money.

Here are 5 of the many fantastic spots to admire fall foliage in Europe this season:

1. Bavaria, Germany

Study in: Prague, Czech Republic or Berlin, Germany

The south of Germany offers some of Europe’s most spectacular scenery, with endless Alpine forests and historic, fairytale castles.

The world-famous Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria (shown above) is especially spectacular to admire in the fall. Well worth a trip, the forest beneath Neuschwanstein boasts rich orange shades when the seasons change.

2. Ahornboden, Austria

Study in: Salzburg, Austria

Located in the Silver Region of Austria, Ahornboden rests high up in the Alps between soaring, rocky peaks and thousands of maple trees. In the fall, Ahornboden’s tranquil alpine meadow showcases luminous, yellow hues.

For those yearning for a final pre-winter hike, Ahornboden is a picturesque location to explore in early autumn.

3. Loire Valley, France

Study in: Paris, France

Though France has an array of incredible leaf peeping locations, the Loire Valley is one of the best. Its 185,000 acres of grapevines that stretch across the valley come alive in October, dressed in gold, vivid orange, and fiery red.

These warm colors – compared to New England’s and backed by spectacular French chateaux – attract visitors from all over in the fall.

4. Prague, Czech Republic

Study in: Prague, Czech Republic

Prague’s romantic atmosphere is amplified in the fall with yellow and orange tones and fewer tourists than other seasons.

Take in the scenery in a public park, where fallen leaves make a charming, colorful rug. Or, experience the view from the top of Petřín Hill. From here, you’ll breathe in a golden treetop glow that harmonizes with the city’s crimson and copper rooftops and spires.

5. Scottish Highlands

Study in: London, England

Though Scotland is home to many evergreens, the Highlands light up with a colorful array of deciduous foliage.

If you’re studying abroad in the United Kingdom this fall, make sure you free up a weekend to visit the Highlands. October is an unforgettable time to tour Scotland’s lochs, tucked into a colorful backdrop of red, gold, and amber.

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